A Highly Irreverent and Totally Egotistical Stroll through Sundry Y2K Topics


"The Rationale behind an Experimental Web Project"


"Egomania and Monomania are diseases"


"Is there hope for the Little Guys in Y2K?"


The Cinderella Project was started on a whim in November 1996.

This document is in the form of an Interview with Playboy Magazine.

A highly unlikely event, but the author intends to be ready, just in case.

The word "I" occurs at least 162 times in the following document. You have been warned.

The Cinderella QA

Why the Cinderella Project?"
Where does the Cinderella Project operate?
Who is affected by Y2k and Cinderella?
Are all sites going to be affected by the Y2K bug equally?
Who is the Cinderella Project designed for?
What do these Cinderella candidates tend to have in common?
Why are you proposing to support obsolete XT machines?
How do you know if a site qualifies as a Cinderella site?
How does the Cinderella Project operate?
In an ideal world, how should Cinderella operate?
What should the Cinderella project do?
What sort of Information do we need to solve Y2k?
Do you have Assistants?
What are the requirements for setting up a Testbed for the Y2k Cinderella Projects?
Why do you differentiate between Cinderella and "Mainstream"?
There seems to be some confusion about what the Y2K problem actually is. Why is this?
Where do you get your Website information?
Why do you post such odd messages?
Do you think most people are aware of the Y2K problem?
What is your personal Motivation for the Cinderella Project?
What Systems Techniques do you personally use?
What problems do you think the Users have with Y2K?
How can you help people solve their Y2K problems?
What is your opinion of the new Y2k Methodologies?
Why is your approach so different?
Is Cinderella Worthwhile?
Are you sometimes deliberately provocative?
What happens if we do Nothing?
What do you see as your Challenges for the Future?
What is the Future for the Y2K Cinderella Project?
What drives the Cinderella Project?
Is the Net the right venue for the Y2K Cinderella Project?
How current is the Website?
Why is there no Search Engine in the Y2K Cinderella Project?
Why are the graphics on Cinderella so poor?
How accurate are your listings of Web Sightings?
How do you handle an Argumentative (even Hostile) Response?
What are the Challenges for Cinderella?
You claim to have predicted the Year 2000 phenomenon some ten years ago. Is this true?
How did people react to this statement?
It has been said that many of your posts are laboured and technical, Why?
What is your solution?
You have recently created an FTP area for Archives, is this not redundant?
If the problem is solved, Why do you carry on?
Wouldn't your time be better spent in Mainstream?
What Systems do you have available to you for Testing?
Why do so many people say that there are major problems with PC's?
How do you decide on which Projects to Work On?
So you admit that some of your statements are wild, over the top and anarchistic?
Do you find your somewhat eccentric writing style tends to misunderstanding?
You have been negative about some of the Y2k Solution Vendors. Why?
Are there any other dates besides 31st December 1999 that concern you?
Well is there hope for the little guys in Y2k?
Who is this "Slug" idiot?

Usual Disclaimers
Chris Anderson
1997, February 17

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