What happens if we do Nothing?

This is of course the simplest approach. I suggest that a large proportion (Thumbsuck - lets say 40%) of Cinderella category Users WILL NEVER KNOW that there is a problem. They will just never hear the message. And there is a strong possibility that many will never be affected.

(Oops, I used "many". I shouted at Peter de Jager for using "many" as a measurement and now I'm doing it).

DOS and Windows will grunt on. So will Unix. So will most things. People will realise eventually that the date is wrong and will change it.

We just don't know. I eagerly await 2000 to find out the answer.

Maybe Congress can declare a "Y2k Simulation Day" where the World sets its clocks to just before midnight on Dec 31st and we all wait and see what happens. It would be an interesting experiment in Global collaboration. We could get CNN to host it and cover it as a live breaking event.

If we can have "Hands across America" and "The OJ Show" surely we could have our own "Y2k Simulation Day".

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