Who is the Cinderella Project designed for?

Essentially Cinderella is for Home Users and Small Businesses.

People who do not have enormous resources or specialist data processing skills available.

At one stage a fairly formal series of classifications based on a series of scenarios, was produced.

Cinderella operates between Classes 0 and Class 4. We refer to the others as "Mainstream"

Cinderella status start with Class 2. Anything above Class 4 is mainstream, and not a Cinderella candidate.

Y2K Cinderella Object Classes:

0 is good, 9 is bad.

 Class 0 - no date requirements
 Class 1 - manageable date problem, existing solutions
 Class 2 - uncertainty with some applications
 Class 3 - uncertainty and massive volume
 Class 4 - All of the above, plus Economic restraints
           to mainstream options. Non-standard unique approach needed
 Class 5 - System or Application Developers. New Techniques.
 Class 6 - "Vanilla"  Mainstream Scenario.
 Class 7 - Additional problem of Missing Critical Components.
 Class 8 - Architectural Migration.
 Class 9 - Terminal case. No solution possible.

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