You have been negative about some of the Y2k Solution Vendors. Why?

I was in New York when the Iranian Hostage situation broke out at the US Embassy in Teheran. The news came over CNN round about 4am. By 8am the street vendors were selling "Fuck Iran" lapel badges.

This is what I call a "fast sell" or "market based reaction".

Probably my only complaint about Solution Vendors in the Y2k arena is that they came in too fast.

They were peddling solutions to a problem which had yet to be defined. And many aspects of the problem are undefined to this day.

This worries me. What if the solutions are wrong? But it is after all none of my business. Caveat Emptor.

"To treat your facts with imagination is one thing, but to imagine your facts is another. - John Burroughs"

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