How do you handle an Argumentative (even Hostile) Response?

In general? Badly. Bo)

"He is not a wise man that will lose his friend for his wit: He is less a wise man that will lose his friend for another man's wit. - Bacon"

Assuming that my objective was to stimulate meaningful discussion, this is Good.

However, when I am trying to communicate a simple, axiomatic fact, then this is Bad.

Negative responses (or Flames) can sometimes be Good.

Some of the best things (I think) to come out of Cinderella were directly caused by critical attacks. Two of the main "Detractors" were made "Honorary Ugly Sisters" because their critique triggered "PO" responses.

(Note: "PO" is de Bono's Associative Lateral thought operator)

The "Acceptability Index" and "Y2K Object Class" were direct results of squabbling.

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