Why do so many people say that there are major problems with PC's?

"Against stupidity, the gods themselves contend in vain."

Many of those people are still clinging to the old two digit years. And there are problems with 2 digit years.

If you use 4 digit years consistently and religiously, then most of your problems go away.

The preferred form is 2000-01-01 or where absolutely necessary, 01-01-2000.

Americans have a psychological dependence on the month/day/year thing.

Europeans cling to day/month/year.

If you convert to year/month/day (which has after all been an ANSI and International standard for ten years and more) then all sorts of benefits accrue. Like your system will work correctly most of the time and most of your problems will go away.

Why do we bother with all these standards bodies if no one uses the results?

The message is Simple. Shout it from the Rooftops.

"Your systems must not use two digit years any more." "Four digits Good, Two digits Bad"

We have to upgrade our mindsets, and unfortunately we cannot (as yet) just buy a chip or a package in a shop.

There are no Silver Bullets. There are no Quick Fixes.

There are still a few technical challenges left however. There are a few BIOS's around which will never comply. We still have to crack the xBase beast. These are niggles, not major problems.

"Adjust your mind, and all else will follow. - Slug"

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