What Systems do you have available to you for Testing?

In one of the early Cinderella scenarios (defining the Cinderella Object Type 3) I described a geekoid maniac that still has every piece of software and machinery that he could lay his hands on, and insists that ALL of them be Y2K compliant.

This is of course me.

My primary machine is a 99MH 486 DX 66 with 20 MB Ram and 4.5 GB disk.

This poor thing never knows what it is. DOS today, Linux and OS/2 Warp 4 last week, Win95 tomorrow.

But the normal configuration is DOS 6.20, Windows 3.1, OS/2 Warp 3, and Linux. MS Office, Novell Perfect Office, Lotus Perfect Suite, IBM Works etc and countless compilers. The usual Multimedia stuff.

My secondary machine is a laptop, with a cellphone link for when I'm on the road. This machine also has a multi-personality problem and alternates between Win 3.1 and Win 95, with Linux in the background. (A complete Xwindows environment in 4MB - boy but Linux is good). When the memory upgrade eventually arrives (3 months waiting!) it will go back to being Win 95 on a semi-permanent basis.

A very tired little XT, now rebuilt from scrap parts, grunts away in background handling DOS 3.2 thru 5.0.

And during the day of course, MVS and VM Mainframes.

My plans for a new Pentium NT server have gone somehat awry. Considering that my friendly supplier literally doubled the prices between Christmas and last week, that little exercise has been shelved. I will content myself with playing with the 120 day evaluation kit.

Serried ranks of Apples, Commodores, HP's etc gather dust in a dark and spider-ridden storeroom.

Last but not least, cupboards full of software, acquired over the ages.

The bottom line is, if I have it, I can test it.

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