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The Primary Website for the Y2K Cinderella Project:


Updates and News:

The Y2K Cinderella project broadcasts to:

1. y2ksasig@cinderella.co.za

Free echo.

This is the South African CSSA/PMI SIG list.

Subscribe by sending a message to lists@cinderella.co.za with subject blank and the words 'join y2ksasig' in the body.

Once subscribed you can send messages to y2ksasig@cinderella.co.za

2. Y2K@leba.net

Free echo.

The fastest of all the Y2K free echoing lists. I get almost immediate response. Cinderella mailings are actually tested by sending to this site.

Subscribe by sending a message to Y2k@odd.com with the word 'subscribe' in the subject and with the body blank.

Send mail to y2k@leba.net

3. listmanager@year2000.co.uk

Free echo.

Slight delay in response, probably due to load. Also wide cover.

Subscribe by sending email to majordomo@year2000.co.uk with subject blank and the words 'subscribe listmanager' in the message body.

Send mail to listmanager@year2000.co.uk

4. Usenet Newsgroup at comp.software.year-2000

This is a newer list, and does not have the frenetic responses going just yet. But it is hotting up. At the moment this is the archive site for Cinderella postings and where "More Y2k Links" is posted.

Your ISP may have to add this group to his list of Groups on his News Server. I use Free Agent 1.1 but Pegasus or Netscape or any News Browser should work.

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