Why are the graphics on Cinderella so poor?

Well, you can't complain about the quality of the graphics because there are none.

Because of the "poor relative" image that Cinderella is promoting I decided to keep the pages text only. It is designed for use by the simplest possible Browsers, such as Dos Lynx.

It is also a sort of weak protest against people that hijack HTML standards for their own purposes. So we will NEVER use Frames.

I actually use a very old copy of Mosaic to test the new pages. The reason for this is simply that it is lightning fast to load and run.

I have just been beaten on the head by Alf Stockton (who wrote the little Meltdown counter) for putting in a graphics counter that cannot be displayed by Lynx. This was done simply because my site was so new that I couldn't get the text counter to work. My permissions were all wrong. I must get round to fixing it.

I really am not a browser bigot. I use Netscape 3.0, NCSA Mosaic, Internet Explorer, Cello, Arena and Lynx. Like all my other tools, I just use the one that suits my convenience for what I am doing at the time.

For the moment the priority is accurate and up to date information. Content over Beauty.

The bottom line is don't expect graphics soon.

(Although I have been playing with some ideas using Singing Mice and Pumpkins..)

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