What is your solution?

The Complete Y2k Cinderella solution (to date), otherwise known as "The Two-minute Zero Cost Y2k Solution". seems very tame compared to the megabuck solutions of others.

So far I have solved all the problems on my own system by adding COUNTRY=002 in config.sys and modifying the International section of Windows setup to use YMD, Century dates, leading zero days, leading zero months. And having a plan for my BIOS tickover.

End of story. Nothing else necessary. That I can find. Yet.

The rest is just using 4 digit years in applications and observing the results of programs and their interactions. And ensuring operating parameters are correct. Old form date displays are OK (cosmetic) if they operate correctly on internal binary dates. As most do.

To test the water with my toe, I have sneaked these opinions into some of my postings (and received screams of outrage).

So the Burden of Proof goes on.

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