So you admit that some of your statements are wild, over the top and anarchistic?

Good Grief. Indicted by my own words. But I've been good recently.

When the the levels of smug complacency and self congratulation reach nausea level or the lists are down to "Commercials", then I get this Primal Urge to Stir the Pot.

Usually nothing happens. Or someone replies "Thank you for your input". And that really hurts.

It's like getting those little Editorial rejection slips " We regret we have no use for your Material just now". You just know that nobody bothered to read it and that they regret nothing.

In my youth my buddies and I considered an attempt on the Guinness Book of Records for "Maximum number of Rejection Slips for any one Article". My best was 35. And it was actually quite a good article.

But part of the "Wild and Over the Top" has to do with "Entertainment". Its a long haul to 1999. And not much to show for it at the end. We may as well enjoy the ride.

The infamous "Ostrich Rights" was pure escapism. I never heard what Frank Ney (the innocent victim) had to say about it. (Francis A. Ney, Jr.) wrote:

>The y2k response is not up to what I consider
>proper, but at least we no longer have ostriches
>occupying slots in GS-14 and above.

Hey Frank.  This statement is a gross violation of
Ostrich Rights.  The Ostrich (a South African bird) is
eminently sensible, a good mother, and very tasty to

This myth that it buries its head in the sand when it
sees danger (on the basis that if it can't see what's
coming then what's coming can't see it) is totally

This is Anthropomorphism at its most virulent.  Only
Homo Sapiens is stupid enough to bury its head in the
sand.  It is a vicious slur on the probity and
intelligence of the Ostrich and must be resisted on all

Viva Ostrich.

At 10:46 AM 1997/01/29 -0800,David Graham

>Okay, then, if the ostrich is so smart, how come we
>know it's tasty?
>David Graham

I forget to mention that the Ostrich also runs very
fast.  But obviously not fast enough.

In "Babe", Fly the Sheepdog says to her Pups , "Humans
only eat the stupid animals, dear, like sheep and

If Stupidity was the only criterion for being eaten,
then Cannibalism would be more popular than it is

I go more with Ferdinand, the anarchic Crowing Duck who
opts out (Ducks off?  Makes a duck?) to avoid being

As Ferdie says, "Doodley-doo-dee-doo."

Not exactly Pulitzer material, but it helps to ease the pain and pass the time until Meltdown.

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