What are the Challenges for Cinderella?

Ah, yes, the "other" word for Problem.

For starters, How do we get the end user to take Ownership?

This is still an enigma to me.

It is unlikely that the average end-user will care to be involved in a formal technical appraisal.

It is unlikely that the average end-user will ever see the Cinderella Web page, or, having seen it, react.

The "package" or "message" will have to be encapsulated into small bite-sized pleasantly flavoured chunks.

If you have ever fed a child bottled baby-food with a teaspoon you will know what I mean.

First you wave the spoon around to get attention. Then when the mouth accidentally drops open you shovel it in. You then distract the object by making boo-boo noises or other clownish antics to allow for the autonomic system to trigger swallowing. If you waver or allow think time, the food gets spat out.

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