You claim to have predicted the Year 2000 phenomenon some ten years ago. Is this true?

It's not just a claim, it's a documented fact.

Just read the "Historical Perspective" thing if you don't believe me.

Except that it wasn't a prediction.

Was it Insight or Future Sight?

Arthur C. Clarke, that grand old man of SciFi always punted the theory that computers would go beserk around the turn of the century. He predicted Space Shuttles and Space Labs.

I wish I had these insights. It would even be nice to have inherited a little "feyness" from my Scots and Irish ancestors.

But sadly all my predictions were based not on revelation, but on examination and projection from known facts.

On the lighter side, I have even had people send me quotes from Nostradamus. But I am the prophet with holes in his shoes and who starts his car with a screwdriver. I also bitterly know the meaning of the saying "the prophet has no honour in his own land". Or credibility.

I made a statement. Not a prediction.

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