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"An investigation and information exchange of zero-cost, minimal-impact computing solutions to address the Year 2000 problem".

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New stuff

(1997-07-23) Contributions - Rick Cowles - List of Product Compliance
(1997-07-18) Executive Overview: A Rational Approach in "Contributions"
(1997-07-07) Topic 014 - Leaving the power On
Check out the new updates from Elmar Roberg and Jackie Bachenberg in "Contributions" and new updates in "Links"
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Hot links to the Y2K Primary Free Sites

Peter de Jagers Year 2000 Information Centre Home page
Yahoo Year 2000 Search
Yahoo Y2k Search
IBM Year 2000: Traversing the century Home page
TTUHSC Year 2000 Home page
UK Zebra Year 2000 Problem Page
G Girod's Bookmarks
Bill Cook's Y2k Resource
Gary North
Westergaard's Y2k Page
Pocket Guide
SIM Online Conference
Product Database Search
Bulletin Boards
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Y2K PC Stuff

Microsoft Year 2000
Download Year2000.com from RighTime
Download free DOSCHK PC BIOS diagnostic
Greenwich Meantime
NIST Web Clock Download
Download NSTL free Ymark2000 Tester
Realaudio: The De Jager Interview - PCWorld News Radio
Bob Clark's Countdown Programs
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Y2k News Links

DeJager's Year 2000 Press Clippings
DeJager's Late Breaking News
COM.links News Ezine
Yahoo News Headlines
Byte Magazine
PA News (UK)
PCWorld Daily News
Washington Technology
Wired News
Techwe b
USA Today
Electronic Telegraph
Usenet comp.software.year-2000

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More Y2K Link Sightings

These are raw consolidations of mailings sent to comp.software.year-2000 to date.


Web Sightings to date(TXT file)(upd 1997-07-31)

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Y2K Cinderella Topics


The Y2k Cinderella Q&A
Object Classes
Availability Index
Results of Testing to Date
Test Procedure Reports to Date
The Y2k Cinderella Spreadsheet Torture Tests
The Y2k Cinderella Timeline
Ten Years After - The Talk

Topic 001 1996/11/29 Y2K: Cinderella: Subproject for the Year 2000 Problem

Reply 01c 1996/12/01 Richard Warden - Confused about the Concept

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Topic 002 1996/11/29 Y2K: Cinderella: - DIR, LIST, ZIP, BACKUP with MSDOS

Reply 02a 1996/12/05 Leonard Erikson - Dos Date Format

Reply 02b 1996/11/29 Reply to Charles Reuben "IN BUSINESS OR NOT"

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Topic 003 1996/11/29 Y2K: Cinderella: Errata

Topic 004 1996/12/01 Y2K: Cinderella: Terms, Wordperfect, Win 3.1

Topic 04a 1996/12/06 Y2K: Cinderella: Fred Triggs' Spreadsheets and Databases

Topic 04b 1996/12/06 Y2K: Cinderella: Fred Triggs' Project Planning Tools

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Topic 005 1996/12/07 Y2K: Cinderella: More Terminology, DOS 3.2, WHY?

Topic 006 1996/12/?? Y2k: Cinderella: Testing

Topic 007 1996/12/?? Y2K: Cinderella: A Historical Perspective ..

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Topic 008 1996/12/?? Y2K: Cinderella: Web Site Open, Resistance?

Reply 08a 1996/12/20 Michael Gerner

Reply 08b 1996/12/20 Chris Gilbert

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Topic 009 1996/12/?? Y2K: Cinderella: FTP Site Open

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Topic 010 1997/01/13 Y2K: Cinderella: BIOS Myth Again

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Topic 011 1997/01/20 Y2K: Cinderella: Leap Year Coders Note

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Topic 012 1997/01/29 Y2K: Cinderella: The Battle of the Boot

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Topic 013 1997/02/07 Y2K: Cinderella: The Information Pirates

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Topic 014 1997/07/07 Y2K: Cinderella: Leaving the Power On for LAN Servers

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Y2K Contributions

Contributed by Lauris Nance & Jackie Bachenberg

Please Note: This section has been moved to FTP access because of Browser difficulties.

Website.doc (new 1997-07-31) (Word Document)
"Web Articles (new 1997-07-31) (Word Document)

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Contributed by Charlie Reuben

The Xbase Problem

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Contributed by Bob Clark

Year 2000 Countdown for Windows

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Contributed by Year 2000 Technology

PC LAN Tips and Hints

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Contributed by Thelen, Marrin, Johnson & Bridges LLP

This contributed set of articles (MS Word for Windows files) pertain to the year 2000 computer crisis and were written by attorneys at the law firm of Thelen, Marrin, Johnson & Bridges LLP.

BRIEF2.DOC: The Year 2000 Software Crisis: Management and Legal Gauntlet of the Millennium.
COPYRIGH.DOC: Year 2000 Software Solutions: Raise Copyright Issues
MAZE2000.DOC: Year 2000 Copyright Maze
MIS2000.DOC: An MIS Director's view
RISK2000.DOC: Legal Issues and Risks of the Year 2000 Problem
RISKMAN.DOC: Legal Risk Management for the Millennium
TAX2000.DOC: Year 2000 Tax Issues
TOPHAT.DOC The Year 2000 Problem - Paying the Programmers
Y2KINTAX.DOC: International Tax Consequences of Year 2000 Fix Costs

Click here to download complete set

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Contributed by Elmar Roberg of Business Transformation Services

NEW 1997-07-18
Executive Overview: A Rational Approach

"The Booklet" titled "Y2000 Software Problem - An Overview"

This booklet was produced as a handout for the South African CSSA/PMI SIG for the June 19 meeting.

The Booklet Online

or download one the following and print it out.
MS Word 6 Version

MS Word 7 Version

"The Presentation" titled "Year 2000 from a Project Management View"

Online Presentation

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Contributed by Rick Cowles

NEW 1997-07-23

List of Product Compliance status

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Y2K Cinderella Sundry Reference Stuff

Is OS/2 Warp 4 Y2k Compliant?
UK Legislation Sightings
FIPS 4-1 1988/01/27
ISO 8601 Standard
Draft UK Millennium Computer Compliance Bill(David Atkinson)
Swedish Ordinance SFS 1997:30
Introduction to Year 2000 Computing
Microsoft Year 2000 FAQ
Microsoft Year 2000 Article

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Y2K Cinderella Awards

"A Sparkling and Glittering Event"

The 1996 Award Winners are...
Late Announcement...

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Y2K Light Entertainment

The Dilbert Zone

Into The Doghouse

1997, January 12 is HAL 9000's Birthday.

Happy Birthday, HAL. May you be Y2K compliant, and not lose your mind.

"Maybe HAL is the Net, and the Net, HAL. It/He/She/They may become sentient. Who knows." - The Inter-Galactic Slug

HALs Legacy: 2001's Computer as Dream and Reality

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Y2K Cinderella Humour

"Droll. Very Droll Indeed."

What can I as an Individual Do?
The Y2K Types
Toolkit for Senior Management

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Y2K FTP Archive Downloads

Go to the Archive

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