Y2K: Cinderella: The Information Pirates - Topic 013

I have observed a growing tendency in the Y2K arena for previously freely obtainable information to now be offered for a fee.

Commerce and Greed are all very well in their place.

I support Free Enterprise and Free economies. But I also support Freedom of Speech and Information.

Information on Y2k should be and must be made available to everyone.

It is totally against the spirit and concept of the Net to hijack information. I deplore the crass commercialisation of the Net. I particularly deplore the capture of "free" information and "repackaging" as a "commercial" product.

But market forces will eventually rid us of these interlopers.

Hearken to the Voice of the Slug and be warned, you Abusers:

"If people abuse the Net, they will find a window of opportunity for a short period, but then they will be seen for what they are, and discover that their call rates are dropping and they are soon out of business."

"The Net is a self regulating system which defies Governments and Others who would control it."

My previous editorial policy has been to include these "commercial" offerings for the sake of completeness. On the basis that my readership is sophisticated enough to make their own decisions. And so it shall continue, as I abhor any form of censorship (having lived under it so long).

In fact I will include them especially so that you can see them for yourselves and take appropriate avoiding action.

But I say to these new "Pirates", make your fast bucks, you Spamming Bastards and Get Out.

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