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Books: "2001 Questions and Answers to the Year 2000 Problem" by Bill Franklin

Article: $320 Billion market for outsourcing and systems integration

Article: 1000 days from (Y2k) finds Corporate America largely unprepared

Awareness: 14 Questions Every CIO Should Ask

Article: 1999: A Millennial Preview

Article: 2000 Dangers for Engineers

Article: 2000 bug sparks skills shortage

Article: 2000 could be an unhappy new year for many businesses

Article: 2000 could throuw PC's Off Schedule

Article: 2000 to Present Tech Problems

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Article: 21st Century Nightmare

Year 2000 Info: 2K Times

Year 2000 Info: 2K-Times

News: 2k-Times News

Compliance: 3Com Product Guide

Article: 50 States Alert

Article: 50 States of Alert

Article: 986 Days until 2000

News: @ComputerWeekly

Article: A Concern for All Control Professionals

Standards: A Definition of Year 2000 Conformity Requirements

Testing: A Framework For Testing Year 2000 Application Conversions

Article: A New Year - but same old debate

Article: A Procrastinators Guide to Solving the year 2000 Problem

Standards: A Summary of the International Date and Time Notation

Article: A Taste of Testing

Article: A Taste of Testing

Testing: A Test of TIme

Article: A Year 2000 Strategic Overview rom PLATINUM technology inc

Tools: A Year 2000 Virtual Date Feature for OS-2200

Embedded Systems: A general overview of Embedded Systems and Software Testing

Calendar: A lighthearted look at Calendars

Article: A matter of Honor - Peter de Jager

Article: A report on the Year 2000 situation in Switzerland

Article: A snake in the silicon - Peter de Jager

Article: A time bomb may be ticking in your personal computer

Search Engines: ACTC Technologies Inc. - Year2000 Services

Services: AIG Computer Services (UK)

Testing: AIT

Tools: ANNO 2000 TERZO MILLENNIO SISTEMA/36 (Italian Only)

Services: ANSTEC Year 2000 Services

Services: ANSTEC Year 2000 Services

Article: AP via CNN: IRS computer fix to cost $129 million

User Groups: APAA Year 2000 Issues

Conferences: ASTE '97 1997 March 19-21

Tools: Access Troubleshooting Year 2000

Article: Accounting firms get picky about Y2k projects

Article: Accrued Savings of the Year 2000 Computer Date Problem

Services: Acucobol

Compliance: Adobe Year 2000 Product Support

Tools: Advanced Software Products Group

Article: Agencies' Year 2000 Denial Draws Derision

Tools: Alydaar

Services: American Software

Services: American Software

Article: American Stock Exchange Launches Year 2000 Index

Article: Amex Launching Millennium Bug Index

Article: An IS Team Prepares Year 2000 Project Bid

Legal: An MIS Directors View

Article: And Now for the Bad News ...

Individuals: Andy Andertons Y2K

Article: Anticipating the year 2000

Bulletin Boards: Apocalypse Soon

Year 2000 Info: Apocalypse Soon: A Special Report On The Millennium Bug

Compliance: Apple MAcs and Year 2000 (don't be complacent - avoid Gotchas)

Services: Applied Computer Resources

Tools: Ardes 2k

Article: Are We Headed for Computer Chaos in the Year 2000

Article: Are You Prepared for the Year 2000?

Article: Are You and Your Family Prepared for the Coming Computer Crisis?

Humour?: Are we having fun yet?

Tools: Army General Tool Information

Services: Arthur Andersen

Services: Arthur Anderson & Co (South Africa)

Article: Articles on Software Management Issues

Vendors: Ascent Logic Corporation

Tools: Ascent logic: Free CD for Year 2000

Auditing: Audit Serve Inc.

Auditing: Audit Serve Inc.

News: Audit Serve Inc.- Year 2000 Date Problem News

Links: Audit Serve Year 2000 Links

Article: Audit Serve Year 2000 tool and Service Vendors

Conferences: Audit Serve Year2000 Date Conversion Seminars

Auditing: Audit Vision E-mail Newsletter is now available.

Auditing: Auditnet

Government: Australian Federal Government Year 2000 Committee

Links: Australian Links

Links: Australian SIG Links

BIOS: Award

BIOS: BIOS related Links

Article: BS Detector: Expiring a Credit-Card Scam

Article: BT in `red card' alert to suppliers over 2000

Vendors: BYPASS2000 brochure

Article: Bank of Japan acts on 2000 computer bug

Article: Banks warned of Millennnium BugƼ�ᄰ.h

Legal: Beat the Clock by Jon Newberry

Article: Beat the clock?

Services: Bell Communication Research Year 2000 Solutions

FAQ: Bellcore Year 2000 Solutions

Best Practices: Best Practices in Project Planning

Article: Beware Millennium Claims - Experts Warn

Article: Beware Millennium Claims Experts Warn

Services: Beyond 1999 for Century Date Change

Services: Beyond 1999 for Century Date Change

Article: Big Business; government brace for 'millennium' computer bug

Individuals: Bill Cook's Home Page

Links: Bill Cook's Most Current Y2K Resource

Links: Bill Cook's Y2K Resource Links

Links: Bill Cook's Y2k Resource

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Links: Bookmark our Bookmarks

Tools: Bozeman Legg Inc.

Consultants: Bozemann Legg Inc - Environmental Computer Consulting

Tools: Bridge IMS

Services: Bridgeway Systems

Article: Bridging the Year 2000 - PArt II

Article: Bridging the Year 2000 - Part I

Standards: British Standards Institute

Article: British decision might resolve 2000 bug rows

Article: Bugs bite and lawyers litigate

Academic Institutions: Business 1999: University of Waterloo

News: Businesswire

Article: Buyer Beware witn Millennium Stocks

Consultants: Bytewise

Services: Bytewise

Tools: C/2000 - analyses all PC executables object modules and source

Tools: CA Discovery 2000 Product Strategy

Article: CA Discovery 2000 Voted Best Year 2000 Conversion Solution

Services: CACI Year 2000 Solution Centre

Services: CBSI

Compliance: CCA Software with You into the Next Millennium

Journals and Ezines: CCH Business Owners Toolkit

Year 2000 Info: CCTA (Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency - UK)

Services: CHC Computer Horisons Corp.

Tools: CI Report - Portability Testing Tool

News: CIO and Webmaster Magazine

Executive Overview: CIO index to Y2k

Compliance: CIOs wary of year 2000 insurance

Services: CMI (Cambridge Market Intelligence) Uk

Article: CNN Interactive: `Microsoft Release Internet Explorer Fix'

Search Engines: CNN Search

Article: CNN: The Year 2000 does not compute

Training: COBOL -Just in Time! COBOL Year 2000 Crash course

Links: COBOL and the Year 2000

Technical: COMPAQ Service Advisory 1092B - Year 2000 Support

Associations: CPSR (Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility)

Year 2000 Info: CSSA Year 2000 Information Service

Tools: CSW Source Analyzer

Tools: CSW Source Analyzer - a y2k-solution

Article: CTA Boosts Revenues With Year 2000 Contracts

Article: CTA Inc to Open Year 2000 Conversion Center - Create New Jobs

Article: Call Center Crisis? Outdated PBXs called vulnerable to date-field problems

Standards: Campaign to get the Internet World to use the International Date Format

Services: Cap Gemini Transmillennium

Financial: Capers Jones - System Productivity Research

Consultants: Carrera Consulting Group - strategic planning; and Year2000.

Article: Cashing in on year 2000 (Scams)

Tools: Cayenne 2000 Product Overview

Tools: Cayenne Software Inc

Search Engines: Century Date Change: IT Product Information

Services: Century Survival Specialists (Perth- Australia)

Services: Century Technology Services

Services: Century Technology Services Inc

Article: Challenge of the Century

Tools: Check It 2000 PC Survival Kit

Services: Ciber Inc

Search Engines: Cincinnatti Enquirer

Links: Cipher Systems Links

Services: Cipher Systems Ltd.

Services: Clarient 2000

Vendors: Claris and the Year 2000

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Millennium Madness: Club 2000

Vendors: Co-designing Towards 2000

Technical: Cobol learning resources now - The Cobol

Tools: Cognicase - Year 2000

News: Com.Links Daily news

Opinion: Com.Links Interview project

Legal: Com.Links Legals Issues Page

Legislation: Com.Links Magazine - Year 2000 - S.22

Article: Comix and Jokes

News: Comlinks Magazine

Article: Companies dragging feet fixing Year 2000 Bug experts say

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Project Management: Compliance 2000: Impact Assessment Methodology

Technical: Computer Architecture & Planning

Article: Computer Crisis 2000: The Problem is Two Little Zeros

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Services: Computer Labs Inc.

Consultants: Computer Labs Inc. - solves the Year-2000 problem today

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Article: Computer Week Article

Article: Computer owners face millennium meltdown

Article: Computers to Crash Party Like it's 1999

News: Computerworld Year 2000 page

Code: Computing daylight savings time

Tools: Compuware

Year 2000 Info: Compuware - Millennium - Real World Strategies for the Year 2000

FAQ: Compuware FAQ

Services: Compuware Year 2000 Solutions

Tools: Compuware and the Year 2000

Tools: Compuware introduces JUMPSTART/2000

Legislation: Congress Considers Year 2000 Computer Buying laws

Article: Congress Gives Regulators Year 2000 Marching Orders

Article: Congress Told Of Computer Crisis

US Government: Congressional Report on Y2k (1996 september 27)

Article: Consultant warns IS: Economic chaos looms

Outsourcing: Coopers & Lybrand (South Africa)

Outsourcing: Coopers & Lybrand Applications Maintenance Practice

Auditing: Coopers and Lybrand

Tools: Core Software

Article: Corporate Case Studies

Article: Corporate NT Solutions

Article: Countdown to Collapse

Article: Countdown to Disaster

Academic Institutions: Creating Relational test data for Year 2000 Applications

Article: Credit Cards Offer a Visible Sign of the Year 2000 Problem

US States: Critical Success Factors for Fixing the Year 2000 Problem

Case Studies: Crossing the Finish Line in Good Health

Services: Curzon Technologies Ltd Beware The year 2000.

Consultants: DACS New Millennium

Links: DACS Year 2000 Problem

Tools: DATA21 Enterprise Software Solutions

Tools: DATE/2000

Tools: DATE/2000

Tools: DB-Net's Sweet 2000 toolkit

Tools: DBAsoftware Y2K Products

Article: DCI Speaker archive

Conferences: DCI Year 2000 Issues and Answers Conference

Conferences: DCI Year 2000 Issues and Answers Conference

Conferences: DCI's Year 2000 Issues & Answers - top solution providers speak

Associations: DFW D.A.M.A. Year 2000 Prep Group (Under construction)

Tools: DGEN2000 X X

Search Engines: DISA Year 2000 COTS Compliance Catalog

Standards: DISC - British Standards Institution - Information and Communications Technologi

Standards: DISC PD2000-1 A Definition of Year 2000 Conformity Requirements

Article: DISC PD2000-2 A code of Practice for Year 2000 Management

Services: DISCOVER Y2K - What's New

US States: DIT Year 2000 Project

Tools: DTS Portal 2000

News: Dallas Morning News

Year 2000 Info: Dallas Year 2000 Prep

Associations: Dallas and Fort Worth DAMA

User Groups: Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter of the DAMA Year 2000 Subgroup Page

FAQ: Dallas/Fort Worth Year 2000 FAQ

Auditing: Damage control in the year 2000

Services: Data Dimensions

Vendors: Data Dimensions (DDI)

Article: Data Dimensions Millennium Journal Tool Trends

Article: Data Dimensions- Millennium Journal - Tool Trends

Journals and Ezines: Data Dimensions: The Millennium Journal

Services: Data Directions Inc. Year 2000 Conversion Support

Article: Data Solutions

Services: Data Solutions 2000

Vendors: Data Solutions 2000

Journals and Ezines: Datamation

Journals and Ezines: Datamation - March 1997

Tools: Datamation Workbench

Vendors: Datamation choose CA-Discovery 2000 Product of the Year

Tools: Datamesh Ltd - RPGII systems using Unibol.

Tools: Date-A-Fix

Tools: DateSpy - The Year 2000 Assessment Tool for Excel Spreadsheets COMMENT: Free Eva

Tools: Datefind - search for non compliant dates

Tools: Datefind-db - Y2K Database Analyzer

Article: Deadline 2000

Financial: Decisionware Inc

Consultants: Denault Bergeron & Associates (DBA) (French & English)

Article: Denial Year 2000 Style

Government: Department of State Development - Victoria - Year 2000 Policy

Compliance: Desktop Software - Manufacturers Survery responses

Technical: Determining Work Units in Year 2000 Maintenance Projects

Year 2000 Info: Diamond Navy Systems Engineering

Article: Digital Haves and Have Nots

Warranty: Digital's Hardware and Softwware Year 2000 Warranty

Article: Director Liability and Year 2000

Article: Do You Know Your Software Inventory?

Opinion: Don't Believe the Hype

Article: Don't Delegate Away Year 2000 Problem: Involve Top Management

Article: Double Zero

Article: Double Zero Will Arrive Before the Fix

Tools: Download DOSCHK Year 2000 diagnostic software for IBM PC's

BIOS: Download free NSTL Ymark2000 tester

Obsolete: Download free PL/1 tool

Consultants: Dreamtap

Consultants: Dreamtap

Article: Dreamtap Consulting's Year 2000 Tools & Techniques Evaluations

Vendors: Dun & Bradstreet Satyam Software (India) - Tool based solution.

Government: Dunne Calls on Bolger To Set Up Prime Ministerial Task Force on (Y2k)

Year 2000 Info: Durham Systems Management

Article: Dutch Royal Navy Well-Prepared for Year 2000

EDI: EDI Aware Online

Article: EDS clinches DULUX outsourcing deal

Consultants: Ed Yourdon's Homepage

Books: Ed Yourdon's recommended books

Consultants: Edge Information Group

News: Electric Times Union

Search Engines: Electric Times Union

News: Electronic Telegraph (UK)

Article: Electronic Telegraph: Time is running out for the Millennium

Article: Electronic Telegraph: Banking on Time

Technical: Electronics Components

Services: Ellison Consulting Resources Inc. - total Year 2000 solutions

News: Elmbronze News

Links: Embedded Systems & Applications

Tools: Encryptic 2000 Inc.

Links: Equifax Year 2000 Websites and Articles

Services: Ernst & Young

Article: Eskom chooses Essbase as the way forward in information access

Euro: Euro PAge (Dutch)

Article: Europe Yawns as Year 2000 Dawns

Millennium Madness: Everything 2000

Links: Everything 2000 - Computer Date Crisis

Millennium Madness: Everything 2000 Date Crisis page

Training: Evolutif

Links: Evolutions Resource Page:

Technical: Exchange Server 4.0: XADM: MTA NDR's All Messages Sent in Year 2000

Technical: Exchange Server 4.0: XGEn: How to Obtain Service Pack 2

Technical: Exchange Server 4.0: XGEn: README.TXT Service Pack 2

Technical: Exchange Server 4.0: XGEn: README.TXT Service Pack 3

Technical: Exchange Server 4.0: XGEn: README.TXT Service Pack 4

Services: Executive Edge: Year 2000 Solution

Article: Executive briefing for the Year 2000 Problem

Article: Experts bemoan denial of '2000 bug'

US Government: FAA Guidance Document for Year 2000 Date Conversion

US Government: FAA Year 2000

Journals and Ezines: FASTCOMPANY

Banking: FFIEC Year 2000 page

Banking: FFIFC - Year 2000 Date Change Initiatives

Links: FFIFC Y2k Resources

Services: FTP site of vendors

Article: Facing the Year 2000 Problem

Books: Fallback: Personal Consequences of the Y2000 Software Problem

Article: Feature: Software Quality Testing

Article: Fed Regulator Says Ready for Millennium Bug

US Government: Federal Government Report Card

Best Practices: Federal Reserve Bank of New York Year 2000 Alert

Banking: Federal Reserve CDC Project

Conferences: Federal Year 2000 Conference

Article: Federal/state links loom as hidden risk

Article: Feds Face Y2K Disaster- GAO Warns

Article: Feedback from three Year 2000 Project Managers

BIOS: Fernlink 2000 Millennium BIOS board

Tools: FieldEx 2000 AD - automated Cobol tool

Tools: File-AID/MVS for Y2K Product Demo

Article: Financial Institutions and the Year 2000

Article: Financial service firms told get ready for 2000

Article: Fixing Y2k Problems in DB2

BIOS: Flash BIOS Frequently Asked Questions

Article: Flaw found in Microsoft's Internet Browser

Article: For some computers 2000 will never come

Article: Forget the Huddled Masses: Send Nerds

User Groups: Free Burma Net

Tools: Free Licence for SCO Unix (+Media for $19)

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Novell's Year 2000 Strategy

Opinion: From the Back Row - Commentary on the Horn Subcommittee hearing

Tools: Function Point Analysis Documentation - University of Quebec

Tools: Function Point Counting Spreadsheet and User Guide

Article: Future Shock: millennium bug poses problems for directors

US Government: GAO Year 2000 Assessment Guide

US Government: GAO Year 2000 Assessment Guide - US General Accounting Office

Article: GAO says Pentagon made millions in overpayments

Tools: GILES Inventory and Impact Management (for MVS/ISPF) X X

US Government: GSA Year 2000 Information Directory

Journals and Ezines: GTE Evolutions

Article: Galkin: Negotiating the End of the Millennium

Consultants: Gartner Group

Search Engines: Gartner Group

Services: Gartner Group

Testing: Gartner Group Report focuses on Testing

Tools: Gartner's examples of vendors & tools (not exhaustive)

Links: Gary North's Links

Links: Gary North's Links

Links: Gary North's Y2K Page - Gary North's Y2K Links

FAQ: General Y2k FAQ from Unisys

Tools: Generation Systems Ltd

Individuals: George Girod

Article: Georgia Tech Alumni Magazine: Doomsday 2000: Some computers can't figure out

Consultants: Gerry Meyers & Associates Inc.

Opinion: Get it Right - Finally

US Government: Getting Federal Computers Ready for 2000

Article: Getting the bugs out

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Article: Goal/2000 Corporation

Philosophy: Golfweb

Opinion: Gore Can Preen- But He Can't Hide

Article: Government Intervention Sought in Millennium Bug

Sundry: Grandmaster

Article: Granite Consulting Year 2000 Problems

Millennium Madness: Greenwich 2000: MILLENNIUM

FAQ: Greenwich FAQ

Links: Greenwich Links

Tools: Greenwich Mean Time

Article: Gregorian Calendar

Search Engines: Group IPC

Best Practices: Guidance Note for Year 2000 IT Suppliers

Best Practices: Guidance Note: Dealing with the Year 2000

Article: Guidelines for Developers

Vendors: HAL Informatica (Italy)

Tools: HCL James Martin Inc - systems redevelopment/Year 2000 solutions

Tools: HCL James Martin Inc. TSRM

Vendors: HDS Professional Services (Australia)

Code: HOWTO: Convert a UNIX time_t to a Win32 FILETIME or SYSTEMTIME

Technical: HOWTO: Prepare Visual Basic Applications for the Year 2000

Article: HP 3000 Advisor Newsletters

Article: HP 9000 Advantage Newsletters

Year 2000 Info: HP Cure2000 Year 2000 Solution Page

Tools: HP Softbench year-2000 tool eases transition to next millennium

Article: HP White Paper: The Year 2000 Issue: An HP Perspective


Article: HP Year 2000 Information Resources

Article: HP Year 2000 Overview

Compliance: HP's computer products: Year 2000-readiness planned for 1997

Article: Half of all New Pcs Fail 2000 BIOS Test

Services: Hampton Roads 2000

Individuals: Han van Doorn

Legal: Hancock Rothert & Bunshoft LLP

Compliance: Hardware/Software Compliance Info

Compliance: Harker Inc - Are MAPICS/Marcam customers ok?

Millennium Madness: Hawaii State National Library

Article: Help for Small and Medium Businesses (Singapore)

Article: Help with Year 2000

Tools: Hendela Systems Consultants Inc.

Tools: Hendela Systems Consultants Inc.

News: Hewlett Packard News

Recruitment: Hi_Tech Recruitment

Article: High Cost of Waiting

Vendors: Hitachi Data Systems - Voyager Family of S/390 products

Article: Hitachi Data Systems Announces Unique Year 2000 Offerings

Tools: HourGlass 2000

Article: How Does the Year 2000 problem Affect Your Business?

Article: How It Happened

Compliance: How does Quickbooks handle transactions after the Year 2000?

Year 2000 Info: How to tell if you have a Year 2000 Problem - step by step

Article: How will the Average person be Affected if the Year 2000 not addressed?

Article: Hyping the 'Millennium Bomb'

Article: Hyping the Millennium Bomb

Year 2000 Info: IBM - Year 2000

Mainframe: Products: IBM : List of Year 2000-Ready key Program Products

Vendors: IBM AS400

Midrange: AS/400: IBM AS400 Year 2000 Homepage

Announcement: IBM Announces VSE/ESA v2r2 Y2k ready to go on December 13 1996

Code: IBM CICS/MVS ESA Time Machine (Free Download -

Vendors: IBM DFSORT's Year 2000 Features

Vendors: IBM DFSORT's Year 2000 Features


Tools: IBM Delivers Tool to Tackle Year 2000

Outsourcing: IBM Global Services

Article: IBM Global Services selects (DISCOVER 2000) ..

Article: IBM Mainframe MVS Year 2000 Ready Products

Article: IBM Semea and HAL Informatica BYPASS2000 for the Year 2000

Mainframe: Systems: IBM System 390: /390 Multiprise 2000

Journals and Ezines: IBM System User Ezine

Technical: IBM Technical Bookshelves Online

Vendors: IBM VSE and Year 2000

Mainframe: VSE: IBM VSE/ESA Homepage

BIOS: IBM Year 2000-ready Products: (BIOS related)

BIOS: IBM Year 2000-ready Products: (BIOS related)

BIOS: IBM Year 2000-ready Products: (BIOS related)

Vendors: IBM readies for the Year 2000

Search Engines: ICL UK

Vendors: ICL Year 2000 page

Vendors: ICL Year 2000 page

Presentation: ICSC Presentation

Article: IDC Study: Not all execs find Y2k a top priority

Associations: IEEE Computer Society

Services: IMRI - offers Project 2000

Article: IRS racing to avoid computer meltdown

Article: IS Chief: Year 2000 a fraud

Article: IS Labor drought will last past 2003

Tools: ISA Panorama-2

News: IT News

Euro: IT Works (Euro Site)

Article: ITAA Outlook 1997-03-07

Article: ITAA YEar 2000 Outlook 2/16 - 1997-04-19

Article: ITAA Year 2000 Outlook 2/16 1997-4-18

Article: ITAA Year 2000 Buyers Guide

Article: ITAA Year 2000 Buyers Guide

Year 2000 Info: ITAA Year 2000 Informational Resources

News: ITAA Year 2000 Outlook

Article: ITAA Year 2000 Outlook - Apr 4 - v2/14

Article: ITAA Year 2000 Outlook 2/19 1997-05-09

News: ITAA Year 2000 Outlook 2/20 1997-05-30

Article: ITAA Year 2000 Outlook Vol 2 No 11

Article: ITAA Year 2000 Outlook v 2/22

Article: ITAA Year 2000 Vendor Directory

Article: ITAA's Year 2000 Outlook 1997-03-21

Article: ITAA's Year 2000 Outlook 2/23

Article: ITAA's Year 2000 Outlook v2/25 1997-07-03

Article: ITAA's Year 2000 Outlook v2/26 1997-07-10

Article: ITAA's Year 2000 Outlook v2/27 1997-07-18

Article: ITAA's Year 2000 Outlook v2/28 1997-07-25

Article: ITAA's Year 2000 Outlook v2/29 1997-08-01

Article: ITAA's Year 2000 Outlook v2/30 1997-08-08

Certification: ITAA*2000 Certification Program Q&A

Certification: ITAA*2000 List of Certified Companies

Certification: ITAA*Year 2000 Certification Program

Year 2000 Info: ITANZ/EDS (New Zealand) Year 2000 Page

News: ITWEB - online IT News Service

Article: Ignoring assessment makes for a risky business

Article: Impact of Year 2000 on ordinary computer systems ..

Compliance: Implications of the Year 2000 on Microsoft Products

Article: Implications of the Year 2000 on Microsoft products

Article: In Touch Magazine - Ernst & Young - September 1996

News: Independent Newspapers Online (South Africa)

Links: Index - Links for Year 2000 Problem

Consultants: Information Industries Inc. Kansas City 3rd Millennium Club

Services: Information Management Resources Inc

Associations: Information Systems Audit and Control Association & Foundation

Associations: Information Technology Association of America (ITAA) Home Page

US States: Information Technology Policy Manual

News: Information Week On-line

Article: Information Week: COBOL Spoken-and Paid for-Here

Article: Information Week: Secret CIO-2001: An IS Oddity

Advertising: Innovative Online Advertising Makes a Commercial Success

Article: Insurers Offer Millennium Bug Protection

News: Insurers Offer Millennium Bug Protection

Services: Integrated Computer Technologies Ltd

Calendar: Inter Gravissimas: If you're into Gregorian History

Services: InterTech - Cobol programmers help you solve your year 2000 problems.

Tools: Interact Software

Tools: Interact Software Inc.

Tools: Interact Software Inc.

Banking: Interagency Statement - Year 2000 Project Management Awarenes

Tools: International Function Point Users Group

Tools: International Software Automation

Article: Internet Info for Real People: The Year 2000 Bug

Tools: Intersolv Factory2000

Opinion: Interview with Glenn Ericson- Phoenix Consulting

Opinion: Interview: Jim Brady: CEO of Matridgm

Services: Into 2k (Pty) Ltd (South Africa)

Services: Intuitive Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Financial: Investments: Y2K Malfunction Junction

Article: Ion Science: Millennium Compliance: Welcome to year zero

User Groups: Irish Computer Society Year 2000 & Euro SIG

Article: Is All Data Input Being Properly Controlled

PC: Is Microsoft Access Year 2000 Compliant?

Article: Is Your Computer At Risk?

Article: Is Your Computer Millennium-Compatible?

Opinion: Is the Mainframe a Dead Dinosaur?

Awareness: Is your Enterprise ready?

PC: Is your PC ready for the year 2000?

Tools: Isogon - The First Step in Year 2000 Conversion

Tools: Isogon Corp

Tools: It's Not A Date Problem - It's a Management Issue

Article: Its the End of the World as We Know it

Article: J. P. Morgan

Article: J. P. Morgan: The Year 2000 Problem

Year 2000 Info: JBA Year 2000 page

Code: JDCD: Julian Date/Calendar Date conversion

Tools: JGW Systems - solutions to the year 2000 century date change

Links: Jackie Bachenberg's Weekly Articles Update

Links: Jackie Bachenberg's Weekly Web Link Update

Consultants: James Martin

Tools: James Martin TSRM

Individuals: Jan de Decker

Code: Javascript Date Object Techniques

Article: Javascript hits snag

Individuals: Jeffrey Fowler

Services: Jerry S. Odum's Y2K Minimum Impact Solution Page

Individuals: Jerry S. Odums Year 2000 Info Page

Calendar: John Stockton's Miscellany

Calendar: John Stockton's Miscellany - Critical dates

Compliance: Johns Hopkins Medicine Center for Information Services Year 2000

Auditing: KARL: The Official Kaplan's Auditnet Resource List

Services: KPMG - The year 2000

User Groups: Kansas City Y2k Group

Consultants: Keane Inc - Strategic information planning; project management

Article: Keep the Millennium Virus off Your Net

Article: Kemper Adds Logic To Date Fields

Article: Killen Advises Persian Gulf Bankers on Year 2000 Triple Threat

Tools: La Migrazione Anno 2000 (Italian only)

Article: Landmark case puts IT wallets in the spotlight

Books: Larry Towner's Year 2000 Bibliography (HTML form)

Legal: Law Journal

Article: Lawmakers Ask Clinton To Take Y2K Lead

Article: Lawmakers urge action on computer clocks (1997-03-19)

Article: Lawmakers urge action on computer clocks (1997-03-19)

Legal: LeBoeuf Computing Technologies - year 2000 issues

Legal: LeBoeuf; Lamb; Greene & Macrae L.L.P.

Legal: Legal Gauntlet of Millennium

Legal: Legal Guideleines for Millennium Date Change Issues

Legal: Legal Issues & Risks

Legal: Legal Issues Concerning the Year 2000 Millennium Bug

Legal: Legal Risk Management

Legal: Legal issues Confronting the Federal and State Governments

Individuals: Leon A. Kappelman

Services: Lexicon Software - systems development; support; year 2000 problem

Article: Liability of Senior Management and Board Level Directors

Article: Linking to Destruction

Technical: List of all known programming languages

Technical: List of all known programming languages

Consultants: Logica

Consultants: Logica

Services: Logica Millennium Services

Article: Lotus and the Year 2000: A Perspective

Article: Low-Tech May Rule After year 2000

Outsourcing: MCI Systemhouse

Consultants: MDS Consulting Services Inc. - information technology consulting

Market Research: META Group

Article: META Group Alerts IT to Year 2000 "Feature Creep"

Article: META Group Y2k Research Summit

Services: MILLENIX

Article: MITRE Y2K Briefings

Compliance: MITRE Y2k Compliance page

Article: MITRE/ESC Year 2000

Year 2000 Info: MITRE/ESC Year 2000

Tools: MS Millennium

Year 2000 Info: MS/CIO Year 2000 page

Books: MST The Year 2000 Resource Book

Code: MVS Solutions and Tips

Compliance: MacKinney Systems

Article: Macs may face 2000 issues

Philosophy: Madam & Eve

News: (uk)

Souvenirs: Mainframe Dinosaur (the T-shirt)

Reference: Mainframe Programming Links

Tools: Mainware

Article: Manage your own expectations

Legal: Management Information of the Year 2000 Computer Problem

Article: Managers wake up to true cost of year 2000 projects

Books: Managing 00: Surviving the Year 2000 Computing Crisis

Tools: Managing Year 2000 Change

Testing: Managing your testing risk

Compliance: Manufacturers Compliance Statements

Countdown Programs: Marco Software Home Page

Obsolete: Marco Software Year 2000 (Y2K) Links Page

Article: Market's computer already hates 2000; owners sue

Consultants: MatlenSilver Group Inc

Consultants: MatlenSilver Information Technology Services

Services: Matridigm

Vendors: Matridigm

Search Engines: Mbendi

Compliance: McAfee Provides Year 2000 Compliance Today

Tools: McCabe & Associates: Software Metrics

Tools: McCabe Visual 2000 Environment

Article: Meeting the Year 2000 Challenge

Article: Mellon Bank's Position on the Year 2000 Issue

Article: Merrill-Lynch is Charter Member for Year 2000 Service

Project Management: Meta Group warns to keep year 2000 projects focused

Best Practices: Metrics Headline News

Testing: Metro Info Y2K test center:

Training: Metro Training - Analyzing Systems for Year 2000 Impact

Training: Metro Training - Year 2000 Course Catalog

Tools: Micro Focus

Year 2000 Info: Micro Focus Year 2000 Page

Tools: Micro Focus' Challenge 2000

Vendors: Micro Focus' Challenge 2000

Vendors: Microfocus

Vendors: Microfocus

PC: Microsoft Access Hints & Tips

Search Engines: Microsoft Knowledgebase

Article: Microsoft Provides Information to Congress on Year 2000 Issue

Fixes: Microsoft Security Information & Code Updates

Vendors: Microsoft Year 2000 page

Article: Microsoft looks to Year 2000

Article: Microsoft: Written testimony to Congress

Services: Mike Bergen & Associates Year 2000 page (South Africa)

BIOS: Millenium Rollover

Tools: Millennia III

Article: Millennial blues: Preparing for Year 2000

Testing: Millennium (Software Development) Associates Ltd.

GPS: Millennium (Y2k) and GPS End of Week (EOW) Rollover

Article: Millennium Bug Fix Seen Costing $200 Bln Worldwide

Article: Millennium Bug Spawns A Community

BIOS: Millennium Bug Tool

Article: Millennium Bug to Lead to Huge Claims - Lawyer

Article: Millennium Bug to Lead to Huge Claims - Lawyer

Article: Millennium Bug zeroes in on computers

Article: Millennium Bug: Disaster or Myth/

Article: Millennium Clock might have a hiccup

Article: Millennium Costs Dismissed as Buggy

Article: Millennium Costs Dismissed as Buggy

Article: Millennium Costs dismissed as Buggy

Consultants: Millennium Date Change Services

Services: Millennium Date Corporation Ltd (UK)

Article: Millennium Disaster for Computers

Services: Millennium Dynamics Inc.

Project Management: Millennium Milestones

Services: Millennium Plus Year 2000 page

Standards: Millennium Rollover - FIPS

Article: Millennium Stocks on a Wild Ride

Consultants: Millennium Technology Consulting Group (MTCG)

Services: Millennium Technology Consulting Group - Year 2000 software

Services: Millennium Test/Audit Software Analysis Report - $59

News: Millennium Times Europe

News: Millennium Times Europe (MTE)

Article: Millennium bug could cost Danes $6 Billion

Article: Millennium bug!

Article: Millennium computer fear is a scam

Article: Millennium meltdown catches the procrastinators dozing

Article: Millennium preparations premature

Article: Minimising the Costs of a Year 2000 Remedy and Shifting Them to Others

Compliance: Minimum Software Requirements for Year 2000 Software Technology

Compliance: Minnesota Y2K Compliance Requirements

Year 2000 Info: Minnesota Year 2000 Information Clearing House

US States: Minnesota Year 2000 Information Clearing House.

US States: Minnesota Year 2000 Project

Links: Minnesota Year 2000 References and Research

Article: Minnesota Year 2000 Report

Links: Minnesota Year 2000 Resources

US States: Mississippi Year 2000 Project Information Resource Center

Best Practices: Mitchell's Year 2000 traps to avoid

Best Practices: Mitchell: Don't delay- start today

Compliance: Mitre Tools and Services - Vendor List

Calendar: More Calendar Stuff

Survey: Morgan Stanley Year 2000 Preparedness and Spending Survey

Technical: Motherboard Home World

Article: Moving to Millennium Meltdown

Compliance: Multi-Data - the year 2000 and beyond

Tools: NASCAN 2000 / NAIMPACT 2000

Bulletin Boards: NBB Guest Book

Best Practices: NCC's Year 2000 Solutions

Standards: NIST Time and Frequency Division

Standards: NIST Web Clock

Tools: NORCOM Date Routines (COBOL Tools)

Best Practices: NRF Year 2000 Assessment Plan

Standards: NSSN

Article: NZ $250m bill for bug kill

Article: NZ's largest listed company estimates $87 mill for Y2k

Consultants: Namtrig Incorporated - AS/400

Services: Namtrig Incorporated - AS/400

Article: Nasdaq President Testifies on Y2k Issues before Senate Banking Committee

Links: Natasha's Links

Bulletin Boards: National Bulletin Board

US Government: Naval Information Systems Management Center's Y2k Home Page

Tools: Neal Laboratories

Article: Neomedia announces WISP/2000 for Wang Systems

Technical: Netscape Javascript Guide

News: Netscape World

Article: Netscape World - How to Tell if you have a Year 2000 Problem - Step by Step

Services: Network Business Services Pty Ltd. (Australia)

Article: Network Integrity for Year 2000

News: New York Times Computer News Daily

Government: New Zealand Draft Y2k Legislation

News: New security flaw found in Microsoft Internet Browser


News: Newspage from individual - Customise your own News Page

Consultants: Next Century Solutions Inc. -

Tools: Next Millennium Inc.

Opinion: No effective Voice

Article: No place to hide from double 0

Year 2000 Info: Norwegian Year 2000 Page (Norwegian Language)

Article: Not Just a Technical Challenge

Services: Nova Technology Inc.

Vendors: Novell Project 2000

Vendors: Novell SA

Search Engines: Novell Search Engine

Search Engines: Novell Search Engine

Services: OAO Millennium 2000

Obsolete: OPDSM MVS Year 2000 Spreadsheet

Vendors: ORACLE - RDB Beyond the Year 2000

Services: Objective Inc

Tools: Objective Inc.

Tools: Objective: International - Specialists in Year 2000

Article: Official: Year 2000 bug to cost Britain $50 Billion

User Groups: Ohio 2000 User Group X

Article: Older Programmers Go Back to Fix the Future

Article: Older Programmers May Fix Future

Chat: Omicron

Links: On Chips Microcontrollers & Microprocessors

Article: One man army fights his city's Year 2000 glitch

Project Management: Ongoing Case Study

Code: Online Calendar Conversions (with C source)

Article: Only two days and three years until the big party

Compliance: Open VMS Delta-Time Limit Notification Letter

Article: Operation 2000 - How do you organise your Year 2000 Project

Tools: Optima Software

Article: Oracle - RDB Beyond the Year 2000

Article: Oracle Apps Aren't Ready as Year 2000 Draws Near

Article: Oracle Closes Strategic 4th Qtr Deals with Leading Companies

Compliance: Oracle Products & Year 2000 Compliance

Article: Oracle Rdb and the Year 2000

Article: Oracle users face forced upgrade

Article: Outsource your maintenance migraines

Euro: Overcoming the twin pressures of EMU & Year 2000

Article: P/E Interactive - year 2000 companies (on CD) available

Article: PC Magazine: Insites

Links: PC Problem Cure

Article: PC World: Most Dangerous Prospect: The Government's Computers

Article: PC World: Ready for the New Millennium?

Article: PC World: Test Your System

Article: PC users told to wait for better year 2000 fixes

Article: PC's and the Year 2000 Date Problem

PC: PC's and the Year 2000 Date Problem

News: PCworld Daily News

Consultants: PDA Inc. - year 2000 solutions

Tools: PIERCOM2000

Services: PKS Information Services Inc.

Article: PL/I and the Year 2000

Tools: PLATINUM Data Navigator (for MVS/DB2)

Tools: PLATINUM Dependency Analyzer (for MVS/DB2)

Tools: PLATINUM RC/Compare (for MVS/DB2)

Tools: PLATINUM RC/Merger (for MVS/DB2)

Tools: PLATINUM RC/Migrator (for MVS/DB2)

Tools: PLATINUM RC/Secure (for MVS/DB2)

Tools: PLATINUM RC/Update

Tools: PLATINUM TransCentury Analysis for MVS

Tools: PLATINUM TransCentury Enterprise Tester (for MVS)

Tools: PLATINUM Transcentury Analysis for AS/400

Tools: PLATINUM Transcentury Calendar Routines

Tools: PLATINUM Transcentury Date Simulator (for MVS)

Technical: PRB: CTime DDX Routine for CRecordView Date Fields

Tools: PSR Metrics system

Article: Panic Over Millennium Bug Grows Nearer

Services: Param Business Solutions Inc.

Millennium Madness: Party 2000

Millennium Madness: Party 2000

Tools: Pascal Year 2000 Fix

Philosophy: Pataphysics of Year 2000

Article: Payback Time

Legal: Paying the Programmer

Training: Performing a System Review of the Year 2000 Date Problem

Services: Peritus - Year 2000 Services

Services: Peritus Software Services Inc. - Application and system software

Article: Peritus: Press Release: Cost of Y2K fix - December 12 1995

Article: Phillippine President Presides Over New Technology Forum

Article: Phillips selects Oracle Applications to Re-Tool Its Business Process

BIOS: Phoenix

Tools: Piercom Ltd

Services: Pinnacle Decision Systems Inc

Services: Pinnacle Decision Systems Inc.

News: Plugin Datamation

Article: Portland (Maine) Press Herald: 2000: Computer glitches galore await

Case Studies: Potomac Electric Power Sheds Light on Budgeting and Project Scheduling

Books: Practical Methods For Your Year 2000 Problem

Standards: Practical advise for users of the Single Unix(r) Specification

Consultants: Precision Computing Inc. - Offering year 2000 solutions

Article: Preparing for the New Millennium

Consultants: Preparing for the Year 2000

FAQ: President's Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection

News: Press Office - June 1997 - Press releases by Company

Services: Prince Software Inc

Academic Institutions: Princeton Softech

Tools: Princeton Softech

Tools: Progestic

Vendors: Programart Announces APM for Year 2000 Package

Article: Programmers in demand as turn of century nears

Souvenirs: Project 2000

Millennium Madness: Project 21st Century

Project Management: Project Breathalyser Test

Technical: Project: OpenFromDatabase Causes Error When Used to Open File

Article: Proposed criteria for Century Compliance

Technical: Public NTP Time server locations

PC: Put BIOS In Its Place

Article: Put BIOS in its Place

Opinion: Q & A Session with Bill Gates

Vendors: Q & A Session with Bill Gates

Article: Q&A with Year 2000 consultant Peter de Jager

Article: Q&A with Zittel CEO Jack King

Tools: QES's solution to Testing 2000

Risk Management: Quantative Software Management

Tools: Questicon Incorporated

Services: Questicon Incorporated - information technology outsourcing

Services: R & 0

Countdown Programs: RB's Countdown to the Year 2000

Services: RCG Information Technology

Tools: RE/2000

Services: RECYC2000

Tools: RECYC2000 - solutions for adapting current systems to year 2000

Opinion: Rage against the Machine

Year 2000 Info: Randall De Weerd's Year 2000 Resource

Services: Randall De Weerd's Year 2000 Solution Providers

Compliance: Randall De Weerd's Year 2000 Vendor Compliance

Individuals: Randall de Weerd: The Year 2000 Resource

Services: Ravel Software Inc.

Services: ReGenisys

Tools: ReGenisys Corporation

Tools: ReGenisys Corporation

Services: ReGenisys Year 2000 Services

Consultants: Real Consulting Rate Trends for 1996

Consultants: Real Consulting Rate Trends for 1996/1997

Tools: Real World Training Systems LLC - tools and services

Tools: Reasoning Systems - Software reengineering tools for Year 2000

Article: Recovering Source Code

Services: Renew 2000 - full service; end-to-end year 2000 solutions provider for the energ

US Government: Report to Congress September 10 1996

Services: Rescue 2000 Problem

Services: Restore 2000

Humour?: Return to Mainframe Park (the Picture)

Services: Rhone-Valley Systems

Tools: Rhtne-Valley Systems - Software platform migrations.

Consultants: Richard Tibbetts

Tools: Richard Tibbetts'Cyborg Systems Consultancy Services Web Pages

Technical: Richard Warden: Software Futures Ltd

BIOS: Rightime - Download YEAR2000 v2.16 and VIEWCMOS V5.10

Article: Risk Management & the Year 2000

Year 2000 Info: Robert Hilliers Year 2000 Date Crisis page

FAQ: Robert Sandlers Y2K FAQ

Article: Ruling makes Directors accountable for Compliance

Services: SC&G Year 2000 (Y2K) Information Service

BIOS: SCA Millennium Resource

Tools: SCAN2000: Program/Document Code Scanner

Fixes: SCO (Santa Cruz Operation) Xenix/Unix/Open server 3.0 Binary Patches

Tools: SEEC's Smart Change Factories for the Year 2000

Bulletin Boards: SF Forum

Compliance: SGI-Cray Year 2000 Product Compliance Plan

Consultants: SICOR's Year 2000 Solution - Methodologies and Tools

Tools: SICOR's Year 2000 Solution - Methodologies and tools

Best Practices: SIM Year 2000 Working Group Best Practices Online Conference

Best Practices: SIM Year 2000 Working Group Best Practices Website

Associations: SIMNET Year 2000 Working Group

Tools: SML: Assembler Year 2000 andMigration Home Page

Services: SPL Y2k Site (South Africa)

Services: SPR Inc - assuring that your systems will function in the year 2000

Services: SPR Inc.

Testing: SQE - Software Quality Engineering

Conferences: STAR'97 Software Testing Analysis & Review

Compliance: SUN Compliance statement


Consultants: San Francisco Computer Consultants

FAQ: San Francisco Computer Consultants Inc.

News: San Jose Mercury News

Compliance: Satyam Computer Services (India) receives ITAA*2000 Certification

Countdown Programs: Saver 2000 - Win 95 Freeware Screensaver

Search Engines: Savvy Search

Article: Say Hello to Bob Bemer the latest false year 2000 Prophet

Compliance: Scope of Year 2000 Problem on IRIX and UNICOS Systems

Search Engines: Search Engine of Search Engines

Search Engines: Search/Browse Technical Journals

Tools: Select Software Services Ltd (UK)

Article: Senator Moynihan's Letter to the President

Article: Seniors to the Rescue

Vendors: Sentry Technology Group

Tools: Shelby Software - Tool-Time 2000

Tools: Siber Systems Inc. COBOL Transformer

Compliance: Silicon Graphics/Cray Research (SGI-Cray) Year 2000 Compliance

Financial: Silicon Investor

Tools: Silver Bullet Solutions

Services: Silverline Industries Inc. Year 2000 Solutions

Services: Simla Software Inc.

Specifications: Single UNIX Specification - Six Volumes

Books: Singlesource Guide to the best Software Quality Books & Info

Article: Sizing up the Players for 2000

Article: Smokers to Fund Year 2000 Fix

Consultants: Softdata Consulting - project management and consulting services

Services: Software AG Millennium Center 1997-01-02

Announcement: Software AG Opens Millennium Center Near Denver Co.

Services: Software AG Year 2000

Journals and Ezines: Software Development Online

Tools: Software Emancipation Tech

Tools: Software Emancipation Technology -DISCOVER Y2K

Journals and Ezines: Software Magazine

Consultants: Software Management Network - consulting and maintenance

Tools: Software Migrations Limited

Tools: Software Migrations Limited - The Assembler Experts

Technical: Software Reegineering

Article: Software Sources

Books: Software Technology Support Centre: Red Page

Vendors: Softworks

Compliance: Softworks Savantechnology

Services: Solution Point

Services: Solution Point

Individuals: Solution to the 2000 Crisis

Services: Solutions 2000

Consultants: Solutions 2000 Inc. - specializing in strategic consulting

Article: Solutions to the Century Dilemma

Commercial: Solving the Year 2000 Computer Date Problem

Article: Some Myths Exploded

User Groups: South African CSSA Year 2000 Special Interest Group

News: South African Newspapers

Article: Southern New England Telecomms sees $15-20 Mill Year 2000 costs

Services: Southware Excellence Series

Accounting: Southware List of Accounting Software Compliancy dates

Article: Speculating on the Year 2000 - A Boom or a Bust?

Legal: St. Albans and the Millennium Time Bomb

Article: Start Fixing Year 2000 Problems

Article: Start Preparing for Your Year 2000 Software Conversion Today

US States: State Search

US States: State Search : Year 2000

US States: State of Alaska

Compliance: State of Florida

US States: State of Florida

Article: State of Nebraska Century Date Change Documents

US States: State of Oregon

US States: State of Texas

Article: States Finally Get Moving

Tools: Sterling Software

Tools: Sterling Software VISION: Solution 2000

Tools: Sterling's IMD's Year 2000 Solutions

Article: Stlaking Third-World Software Wizards

Financial: Stock Investment Corner

Services: Stocks & Stocks launches Project 2000

Project Management: Strategic Planning and Review Year 2000 Efforts

Project Management: Strategic Year 2000 Project Design by Don Estes

Compliance: Sub Compliance Statement

Article: Summary of Oversight Findings - Year 2000 Software Conversion

Obsolete: Sun Compliance Statement

Vendors: Sun's Year 2000 Information Site

Vendors: Sun's Year 2000 Information Site

Article: Supply chain leaders push for compliance

Compliance: Survey Responses at a Glance - Washington State

Article: Surviving the 21st Century - Ken Orr - August 1996

Article: Sweet 2000 Year 2000 Solutions X X

Compliance: System Software Release Tracking

Tools: System Vision - Impact Analysis with Year 2000

Tools: Systeme Evolutif

Tools: Systems Technology Group Inc - providing year 2000 consulting

Testing: TAMU Y2k Generic Test Criteria

Associations: TCSE: Technical Council on Software Engineering

Services: TGA - The Guide Associates Inc.


Search Engines: TITLE: Search- Read- Post to Usenet

Tools: TQM Consulting Inc.

Consultants: TWG Products and the Millennium

Article: Take Heart Tainted Ones

Testing: Tallecom Software

Tools: Tallecom Software

Tools: Tame the Bear

Vendors: Target 4 Year 2000 Page (UK)

Article: Tech Business News

Services: Tech-Beamers Inc.

Services: TechForce/COSMOS Information Center

Bulletin Boards: TechTalk Hypertext News Page

News: TechWeb

Vendors: Techbeamers

Euro: Techforce/Cosmos

Tools: Techforce/Cosmos

Tools: Technologic Software

Tools: Technologic Software

Services: Technology Enterprises Inc. - millennium makeovers and conversions.

Article: Technology Management Reports

FAQ: Technology Resources Inc. : Year2000 (Millennium) Positions

Services: Technology Solutions Incorporated - Year 2000

Article: Technology Tutorial - Beating the Clock

News: Techtalk

Article: Telcos Lag on Year 2000 Analysts Warn

Auditing: Terasys

Testing: Test Assertions for Date & Time Functions

Banking: Testimony of Andrew Hove

US Government: Testimony of Ann K. Coffou 1997-03-20

US Government: Testimony of Bruce H. Hall (Gartner) 1997-03-20

Banking: Testimony of Federal Reserve Board Officials

Banking: Testimony of Governor Edward W Kelly Jr

US Government: Testimony of Harris N. Miller (ITAA) 1997-03-20

US Government: Testimony of Vito Peraino 1997-03-20

Conferences: Testing Computer Software Conference 1997-16-19

Article: Testing Time? Try Rent-a-Mainframe..

Article: Testing Tips: Lessons Learned

Article: Testing for the Millennium - Meeting Report

PC: Testing your Desktop for Year 2000 Compliance

Compliance: Texas A & M University

Academic Institutions: Texas A&M Year 2000 Project

Services: Texas A&M Year 2000 Project

Technical: Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Solution

Academic Institutions: Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Best Practices: The 1996 Worldwide Benchmark Overview

Services: The 2000 Forum

Services: The 2000 Forum

US Government: The Air Force Public Y2K Homepage

Vendors: The Borland Y2k page

News: The Boston Globe Online

Article: The CEO's role in IT decisions

Code: The CICS Time Machine

Calendar: The Calendar FAQ

Calendar: The Calendar Reform Page

Year 2000 Info: The Complete Y2K Website

Consultants: The Complete Y2K Website for COBOL legacy sites

General: The Computer Information Centre (CompInfo)

Legal: The Computer Law Observer

Audio: The De Jager Interview

Philosophy: The Dilbert Zone

Article: The Domino Effect of Hidden Year 2000 Problems 1997-04-28

Case Studies: The Equitable Performs Year 2000 Conversion Assessment ..

Article: The Family of Year 2000 Problems

US Government: The GSA Year 2000 Information Directory

Awareness: The Global Impact of (Y2k) on Citizens Businesses and Governments

PC: The Good The Bad and the Ugly

BIOS: The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Tools: The Guide Associates Inc. - methodology and project management

Article: The Hidden Challenges of Managing Vendors and Their Year 2000 Compliance

News: The Hourglass

Article: The Impact of the Year 2000 Date Change Situation on PC Users

User Groups: The Information Management Forum

Article: The M*A*S*H Unit Approach to Year 2000

Books: The Millennium Bomb Book

Legal: The Millennium Bug Will Bite You

Article: The Millennium Challenge - ("Don't call it trivial!")

Article: The Millennium Journal

Article: The Millennium Mess

Legal: The Millennium Time Bomb (Legal Brief - English Law)

US Government: The NASIRE State Search Home Page

Awareness: The New Millennium and the Digital World.

Outsourcing: The Outsourcing Institute

Opinion: The Personal Consequences of the Year 2000

Year 2000 Info: The Pocket Gateway to Year 2000

Consultants: The Registry Tri 2000 Millennium Consulting Services Group

Article: The SOHO Daily News -- Solved Your Y2K Problem Yet?

Tools: The Source Recovery Company

Services: The Source Recovery Company LLC

US States: The State of CALIFORNIA's D.O.I.T. (Department of Information Technology)

US States: The State of Pennsylvania

US States: The State of Pennsylvania

US States: The State of Washington's Year 2000 Home Page

Article: The Story of '00

Opinion: The Thoughts of Chairman Bill

Article: The Top Five Reasons 1997 Is the Year to Address the Year 2000

Article: The Trial of the Millennium

Article: The Trouble with Standards

Consultants: The Trust Group (UK)

Technical: The Unravel Project

Tools: The Vancouver Utilities for Unix

Tools: The Vancouver Utilities from UV Software Inc.

Article: The Writing's on the Wall

Legal: The Writing's on the Wall

Tools: The Y2K Triage Scorecard

Article: The Y2k Dilemma - the Apocalyptic Mess of Gargantuan Proportions

Article: The Year 2000

Consultants: The Year 2000

Year 2000 Info: The Year 2000 (Zebra)

Article: The Year 2000 Briefcase Guides

Legal: The Year 2000 Challenge: Implications for Directors & Managers

Article: The Year 2000 Conundrum - Ian Hugo

Individuals: The Year 2000 Crisis

Government: The Year 2000 DAte Change

Article: The Year 2000 Dilemma or The Apocalyptic Mess of Gargantuan Proportions

FAQ: The Year 2000 FAQ

Year 2000 Info: The Year 2000 Info Line (900-555-0101)

Services: The Year 2000 Information & Directory Services

Auditing: The Year 2000 Issue

FAQ: The Year 2000 Issue - Frequently Asked Questions

Vendors: The Year 2000 Issue- Frequently Asked Questions

Article: The Year 2000 Issue: Is your Enterprise Ready?

Services: The Year 2000 Nightmare: Services/Tools Directory

Article: The Year 2000 Phenomenon

Best Practices: The Year 2000 Planning Guide

Services: The Year 2000 Problem

Tools: The Year 2000 Problem & the NXL2000 Solution

News: The Year 2000 Problem : (Durham)

Article: The Year 2000 Problem Defined

PC: The Year 2000 Problem on PC Systems

Article: The Year 2000 Product Maze

Books: The Year 2000 Resource Book

Article: The Year 2000 and 2-digit Dates

Year 2000 Info: The Year 2000 and 2-digit Dates: A Guide to Planning and Implementation

Article: The Year 2000 and 2-digit dates: a Guide to Planning and Implementation

Article: The Year 2000 doesnt scare any more..

Article: The Year 2000 in Idaho

Year 2000 Info: The Year 2000 is coming - Are YOU ready

Article: The Year 2000 is coming .. talking to your network admin first

Year 2000 Info: The Year 2000 problem (Australia)

Article: The Year 2000: No Big Deal or Apocalypse Never

Training: The Year 2000: Strategies for Managing Application Performance

Testing: The influence of software error on the Failure of Ariane 5

Article: The looming computer time bomb of year 2000

Article: The new wave in approaching Y2k

Article: Third-party Time Bombs

Opinion: This Year 2000 thing is ... balderdash

Project Management: Three Templates Based upon HCL James Martin Inc.'s TSRM

Services: Tick Tick Tick

Journals and Ezines: Tick Tick Tick (has moved)

Code: TickTock - A Java Application for Time Synchronization

Article: Time Marches On - Less Than 900 Working Days to January 1 2000

Article: Time is up for solving 2000 computer glitch

Sundry: Tipworld

Opinion: Tony Keyes on February 6 OMB Report

Links: Top Ten Reasons to Ignore the Year 2000

Tools: Transition Software Corp

Article: Triage for Year 2000 Efforts

Article: Trial of the Millennium

Books: Triple Ought : A Novel of the Millennial Crash and its Aftermath

Countdown Programs: Try out various countdowns

Tools: Turn of the Century

Services: Turnkey 2000 Inc

Article: Two-Digit Computer Chaos Looming

Article: U.S. News & World Report: The millennium bug looms

Tools: UGU Consultants - Year 2000 Fix it Now

Tools: UGU Consultants Variable Hunter (VHUNT)

Computer Societies: UK CSSA (Computing Services and Software Assocaiation)

Article: UK Managers ignorant about computer threat

Legal: UK Weblaw (Halberstam Elias & Co - Solicitors)

Legal: UK companies may have legal recourse to Vendors

Academic Institutions: UMS: University of Colorado

FAQ: UNISYS 2200 Series FAQ


Vendors: UNISYS CSG Year 2000 Site

Vendors: UNISYS: Strategic Services

US Government: US Geological Survey

Compliance: US Government agencies compliance database

Article: US group warns of 'millennium bug' chaos

Article: US2000 an innovative Year 2000 Program for US Federal Agencies

Year 2000 Info: USBR Year 2000 Information Home Page

Services: UltiMIS

Tools: Understand the Year 2000 pitfalls X X

Best Practices: Understanding the Business Issues and Risks of the Year 2000 Problem

Vendors: Unisys

Article: Unisys Goes Down Under for Year 2000 Contract

Government: United Kingdom Ministry of Defence

Legislation: United New Zealand Millennium Computer Compliance Bill

Academic Institutions: University of Bern

Academic Institutions: University of Florida

Year 2000 Info: University of Florida Y2k Home Page

Academic Institutions: University of Nebraska - Year 2000 Challenge

Links: University of Nebraska Year 2000 Links

Academic Institutions: University of Texas at Austin

Project Planning: University of Texas at Austin Year 2000 Project Planning

Article: University of Waterloo Business 1999

Academic Institutions: University of Waterloo: Year 2000 References

Technical: Updated MS Project to MS Access Converter File

Article: Upgrading Purchased Applications

Article: Users Look for Help with Year 2000 Brain Drain

Article: Users Must Be Leaders

Compliance: Using Microsoft Office through the Year 2000

Article: VARs initiate year 2000 countdown


Tools: VM Timing Facility Monitors

Consultants: Validate 2000

PC: Validate 2000

Tools: Validate 2000

Compliance: Vectra PC Compliance

Tools: Venture 2000 Plus

Tools: ViaSoft's Enterprise 2000

Tools: Viasoft Bridge 2000

Article: Viasoft Inc receives ITAA 2000 Certification

Article: Viasoft announces record revenues

News: Virginian-Pilot Online

Insurance: Vision ITAA Property and Casualty Insurance Program

Services: Visionet Systems - AS/400 Year 2000 conversions.

Services: Vista computer Services

Tools: Visual Datescope 2000 - Fact File

Technical: Visual Foxpro: HOWTO: Prepare for the Year 2000

Tools: Visual SASCAN - source Analysis Tool

Vendors: VisualSoft (India)

Consultants: Visualsoft

Links: Vuosi 2000 Links

Article: Wake up - The Year 2000 is approaching

Article: Walking on thin ice

Article: Wall St. plans year 2000 testsƼ�ᄰ.h

Article: Wall Street Faces Millennium Snafus

News: Wall Street Journal

Article: Wall Street Spending 'Billions' on Y-2000 Bug

Year 2000 Info: Washington Online

News: Washington Post

Search Engines: Washington Post Articles

Opinion: Washington Post: Comment on OMB report

US States: Washington State

Links: Washington State Y2k Links

News: Washington Technology On-line

News: Washington Technology Online

Services: We Care About Y2K - Bug Group

Article: Web Entrepreneur Scores With Millennium Bug Hype

Year 2000 Info: Welcome to CCTA's Pages on the Millennium Bomb

Conferences: Welcome to DCI

Countdown Programs: Welcome to the YEAR 2000countdown page ! -

Article: Westergaard International Watch: The French Republic

Year 2000 Info: Westergaard Year 2000

News: Westergaards What's New

Article: What - Me Worry?

Opinion: What 2000 Problem?

Article: What Do You Plan To Do About Your Year 2000 Problem?

Article: What Management Need To Know About the Year 2000 Date Problem

Article: What impact will the Year 2000 ..have on the lives of people..

US States: What is the Year 2000 problem?

Services: What the Industry is Saying About DISCOVER Y2K

Article: What will the Corporate Computing Infrastructure Look Like..?

Article: What will you be doing? Maj Ron Spear

Article: Where to Look for Potential Problems in your Organisation!

Article: White Male Flight?

Tools: Whitfield Software Services

Tools: Whitfield Software Services - provides database re-engineering

Article: Who will fix the year 2000 Problem?

Article: Why .. Turned Their Old Mainframes into Hot Web Servers

Services: Why 2 K

Article: Why the Network Computer Stands a Chance

Individuals: Will the Year 2000 Problem Affect Me

Article: Will the Year 2000 Problem Affect Me?

Tools: Will-it?

BIOS: Wim's BIOS Page

BIOS: Wim's BIOS page - AMI BIOS numbers

BIOS: Wim's BIOS page - Award BIOS numbers

Technical: Win3x: FileManager Shows Garbled Date for year 2000 or Later

News: Wired News

Technical: Word 5.0 for MSDOS: Corruption When updating Summary Information

Article: Works Recognises Incorrect Leap Year

Banking: World Banks Jeopardise Y2k Fix

Sundry: World Game Institute

Links: Wormhole Year 2000 Links

Technical: XL: Method to Determine Whether a Year Is a Leap year

Bulletin Boards: XPS Year 2000 Bulletin Board

Chat: XPS Year 2000 Chat

Tools: XPS Year 2000 tools and solutions

Books: Xephon Report - The Millennium: Problems and Solutions

Tools: Xinotech Research - Metalanguage tools

Tools: Xpress Software Inc. - language and hardware independent

Links: Y2K - Year 2000 & The Computer

Books: Y2K Bookshop

Year 2000 Info: Y2K Century Date Change Home Page - Celebration or Catastrophe?

Tools: Y2K FAQ sheet

PC: Y2K Impact on PC system

Services: Y2K Ltd - Year 2000 Solutions

Project Planning: Y2K Pitfalls

Services: Y2K Professionals - Y2K Legacy Personnel Exchange.

Legal: Y2K Sol's raise C'right Issues

Best Practices: Y2K Solutions

Legal: Y2K Tax Issues

User Groups: Y2K User Groups

Article: Y2K Vs Strategic Direction?

Year 2000 Info: Y2K in Finland (English and Finnish language)

Article: Y2K: Your Worst Software and Hardware Nightmare

Financial: Y2KInvestor: For the Financially inclined

Mailing List: Y2KSASIG South African User Group list

Year 2000 Info: Y2Ki: Year 2000 Information Service (UK)

Tools: Y2k Assessment Tool for Open PL/1

Euro: Y2k COmputer Syndrome

Year 2000 Info: Y2k Cinderella Project

Links: Y2k Links

News: Y2k Links Database Newsletter

Training: Y2k Training for Analysts and Project Managers

Article: Y2k Watch

Article: Y2k Watch: Figital Plague Oozes Across Planet (Morgan Stanley)

Article: Y2k could cost $1 Trillion in Legal Costs

Review: Y2kLinks first look at Datespy from Rigel Desktop

Article: YEAR 2000 Project Article


Code: YMARK2000 form NSTL - test PC for compliance

Search Engines: Yahoo News Headlines

Search Engines: Yahoo Search Engine

Tools: Year 2000 (Y2K) Conversion Profiler

Article: Year 2000 (Y2k) problem definition

Countdown Programs: Year 2000 - Get Ready with the Y2K! Countdown

Countdown Programs: Year 2000 - Get Ready with the Y2K! Countdown

Books: Year 2000 - Millennium Problem - British Computer Society

Vendors: Year 2000 - Opportunity or Cost?

Article: Year 2000 - The Silver Bullet Solution - Peter de Jager

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Best Practices: Year 2000 Compliance - A Guide for the Police (UK)

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Article: Year 2000 Compliance: A Business Issues Walkthrough

Article: Year 2000 Computer Crisis

Medical: Year 2000 Computer Problem

Article: Year 2000 Computing Crisis: An Assessment Guide

US Government: Year 2000 Computing Crisis: An Assessment Guide (Exposure Draft)

Article: Year 2000 Computing Dilemma

Tools: Year 2000 Conversion - Tool and Services Vendors

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Legal: Year 2000 Copyright Maze

Article: Year 2000 Costs Climb - Labor estimates for projects up 30%

Article: Year 2000 Countdown - Protect your Net

Services: Year 2000 Crisis - are you prepared?

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Article: Year 2000 Hits the Bottom Line

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Article: Year 2000 Problem Gains National Attention 1996-04-24

Consultants: Year 2000 Problem gains National Attention

Article: Year 2000 Problem may affect Household Devices

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Article: Year 2000 Scoreboard

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Article: Year 2000 Shakes the Foundation of the Free Market System

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Technical: Year 2000 Solution - Bimodalism

Vendors: Year 2000 Solution and Technology Provider

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Article: Year 2000 Solutions for MVS-Based Applications

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Tools: Year 2000 Video Tape -A 50 Minute Video Tape. Peter de Jager.

Legal: Year 2000 Warranty

Individuals: Year 2000 Y2K - Miker's Internet Weblinks

Services: Year 2000 Y2K - year 2000 solutions - Sector 7

Article: Year 2000 and Euro Conversions Pose Critical Challenges to Banks

Standards: Year 2000 and ISO8601

PC: Year 2000 and Spreadsheets

Article: Year 2000 bug fix adds to AFG's bottom line

Tools: Year 2000 countdown clock for OS/2 PM. (find

Article: Year 2000 crisis: Another solution

Article: Year 2000 glitches may be everywhere - 1997-05-19

Article: Year 2000 impact analysis (and product reviews)

Year 2000 Info: Year 2000 in the Asia-Pacific Region

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Article: Year 2000 pressure building

Vendors: Year 2000 problem

Article: Year 2000 problem seen striking early

Tools: Year 2000 solutions SMART/2000+

Article: Year 2000 stay-alive solutions

Article: Year 2000 upgrades: A small price to pay. Leon Kappelman

Compliance: Year 2000-Ready IBM Products - AIX

Compliance: Year 2000-Ready IBM Products - OS/400

Compliance: Year 2000-Ready IBM Products - VM - VM/ESA.

Article: Year 2000: (California) State computer-fix cost is $187 million

Article: Year 2000: Business executives catch the fever

Legal: Year 2000: Court in the act

Article: Year 2000: Getting Down to the Wire

Article: Year 2000: If not for Yourself- Do It for Your Country

Technical: Year 2000: Not a Problem for Macintosh

Article: Year 2000: Software Conversion: Issues and Observations

Article: Year 2000: The Silver Bullet Solution

Article: Year 2000: The domino effect

Article: Year 2000:Software Remediation

Services: Year 2000Date Processing - Allinson-Ross - Unix

Millennium Madness: Year Zero Campaign

Opinion: Year2000 Conversion- Test- Management Issues

Services: Year2000 New Zealand

Article: Year2000: What's the Real Cost - Capers Jones

Case Studies: Yellow Corporation Assesses The Scope Of Its Year 2000 workload

Opinion: You Get What You Don't Pay For - Alan Simpson

Article: You Get What you Don't Pay For

Books: Your Company's PCs and the year 2000

Article: Your PC may go bust in 1999

Article: Your computers date with destiny

Search Engines: ZEBRA - the black and white search engine

Year 2000 Info: Zebra (UK) has moved

Calendar: Zero by Dick Teresi

News: Ziff-Davis News Net ZDNET

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Article: Zitels Wild Ride

Article: hat 'Year 2000' Bug May Hit Appliances and Cars

Services: ime running out on `Year 2000 Problem

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Article: year 2000 Computing Crisis: An Assessment Guide (GAO)

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