Y2K: Cinderella - ERRATA - Topic 003 At 15:26 1996/11/29 -0500, DesNaz@aol.com wrote:

>Hi Chris: I salute your Cinderella project. I am
>interested in the Usenet newsgroup that you mentioned,
>comp.program.year-2000. How do I participate in that?
Oops. Blooper-detect. The answer to that question is "with great difficulty". I have made a typo there. My mistake. Mea Culpa. This Cinderella is now scrubbing out the ashes in the fireplace.

ERRATA: The newsgroup name was incorrectly quoted in the message "Y2K: Cinderella - Subproject for the Year 2000 Problem - Topic 001"

The CORRECT name is (of course)


(Note the minus sign between year and 2000)

This is a normal Usenet topic. All you need is a News Browser. I use Free Agent 1.1 but you can use Netscape or IE or any other browser with News capability.

You will need to know the News server name established for your ISP. As this is a fairly new group, I had to get my Service Provider to go and update his Server first in order to retrieve it. And when he had done this I had to "Refresh my Groups list".

I suggest you give your ISP a call.

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