Y2K: Cinderella: More terminology, DOS 3.2, WHY?-Topic 005


There has been some confusion concerning the differences between Cinderella candidates and Mainstream candidates.

Cinderella candidates tend not to have source code. They tend to be users of standard packages and do not usually indulge in development.

However, a few do write code, so we need to cater for these.

So I have fleshed out Y2K Cinderella Object Class definitions to include typical mainstream categories and have included a few more explanatory Scenarios.

Appendix to Scenario One. Old Workhorses

Scenario Five.

Scenario Six.

Scenario Seven.

Scenario Eight.

Scenario Nine.

In summary, we have defined 5 Object classes in the Mainstream domain to assist in determining whether an activity is applicable for a Cinderella solution or not.

Remember, Cinderella is concerned only with Object Classes 2 thru 4, and 9. Classes 5 thru 8 are Mainstream.

New Object classes:

5    System or Application Developers. New Techniques.
6 "Vanilla" Mainstream Scenario.
7 Additional problem of Missing Critical Components.
8 Architectural Migration.
9 Terminal case. No solution possible.


MS DOS 3.2

Y2K: Cinderella: Why?

Why the Cinderella Project?

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