Y2K: Cinderella: FTP Archive Site open - Topic 009

I am pleased to announce that the Cinderella FTP site is now open.

This the the README from /pub

Y2K Cinderella Ftp Archive

  ftp://ftp.cinderella.co.za/pub via anonymous FTP.

  The following files are available "as is".


  The archives have a suffix of .mbx and are generally in Unix
  format. They are basically text files.
  They are zipped using PKware's PKZIP 2.04G.
  They can be read using Vern Buergs LIST or Jeroen Schippers READMAIL
  They can be read by EUDORA (by placing them in the same directory).
  They can be imported into Agent .99.
  Linux users can use Less or incorporate into Mail.

  Usual disclaimers.

 rmail41.zip   78201  Jeroen Schipper's READMAIL Dos Mail Reader
 usey2k01.zip 411485  comp.program.year2000 archive (1) as at 1996/12/31
 webref.ws       727  Website references (comma delimited)


There is also an upload area at
This is planned for incoming bug fixes, problems and queries for analysis and files not convenient for use with mail.


The Weblink sightings will continue to be published on comp.software.year-2000. However the archive is becoming larger and clumsier to handle.

A small database has been created and the output will be posted (probably monthly) to Cinderella FTP (/pub) as webref.ws

This is a comma-delimited "Mailmerge" file, which seemed the simplest for general use.

I am also toying with storing a webref.dbf (dBase III) file as well.

If there are are comments on or problems with this Webref format please do not hesistate to contact webmaster@cinderella.co.za

With the current rate of growth of Y2K sites, this database will never be definitive, but at least it will be a starting point for you to keep your own record of sites.

And if you know of Sites that I haven't covered, please drop me a line.

Usual Disclaimers

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