Y2K: Cinderella: 1996 Awards - late announcement

In a last minute surprise move, Cinderella's Mice (in their capacities as spokespersons for The World Guild of Singing Mice) have lodged an Official Complaint with the Y2K Cinderella Secretariat.

This complaint reads as follows:

"We are concerned to note that we have not been included
in the selection process for Y2K Cinderella awards. We have
specific candidates and our demands must be heard.
This is blatant size discrimination."
After due deliberation and consultation, the Secretariat offers an Official Apology to the World Guild of Singing Mice and wishes to restate our position that we are pleased to negotiate with any Y2K oriented group, no matter how small. (Oops, errata, please read "no matter what their size").

The Y2K Cinderella Secretariat is therefore pleased to announce a New Category and Winner in the prestigious Cinderella Awards.


(This is usually awarded posthumously but we are pleased to say that this year the winner is alive (barely)).

Citation: "For Herculean Labours (usually totally unecessary) in the promotion of the Ideals of Y2K. She is a shining example to Overworked Gophers everywhere, in her unselfish labours for the good of others."

And the winner is :


(Roars of high-pitched approval, sqeaks, grunts, "hooray", singing "For she's a jolly good fellow".. etc)

(Note: Amy is the overworked adminstrator for year2000@hookup.net)

We are pleased that this unfortunate incident has had such a happy ending.


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