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Y2K Cinderella Project

The Home of PIGASUS, The Flying Pig,
because if you believe that
Small and Medium Business and Local Governments are ready for Y2k,
then you probably also believe
That Pigs Can Fly ..

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Dedicated to the Fairy Tale Ending..

Meltdown in days

Mission statement (sort of):
"An investigation and information exchange of zero-cost, minimal-impact computing solutions to address the Year 2000 problem".

BEWARE: Consumer Fraud Warning!

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The Cinderella Message

The Basic Premise is that Small users, using older software, are not excluded from participating in surmounting the Year 2000 problem.

The Cinderella Method is a simple approach to achieving Y2k compliance for Desktop machines, from the very oldest to the very newest.

The entire online Website can now be downloaded for local browsing (see the README file in the FTP section)

Support the "Y2K CORPORATE STATEMENT" campaign

"With immediate effect, this organisation will use the full ISO8601 YYYY-MM-DD form date in all correspondence and reporting" -Chris Anderson 1998-02-25

What is the Y2k CORPORATE STATEMENT campaign?

Special Message

"As humanity prepares to celebrate the end of the 20th Century, an era of unparalled scientific achievements, we must ensure, as a country, that we are ready to contain what threatens to become the scourge of our achievements - the "Millennium Bug". I appeal to you to ensure our country is Y2k compliant".
Nelson Mandela
President of the Republic of South Africa
March 1999

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