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"Total Interface Feedback™"

"Paper Based" using Optical Scanning Technology

A Strategic Human Resources Tool

A Multi-Dimensional 360 Degree Feedback System.

Total Interface Feedback Has Gone OnLine!

Total Interface Feedback allows for the evaluation of performance and behavior from one's boss, subordinates, peers, and people outside the organization with whom the employee interfaces. Although similar to 360 Degree Feedback, Total Interface Feedback goes one step further - it tailors the rating/evaluation criteria to the employee's profession/career specialty.

The power and versatility of Total Interface Feedback is made possible by VISA's pioneering in "Smart Paper" - Paper that is changed into personalized, pre-identified optical scanning forms by the Xerox 4890 Highlight Color Laser Printer. We create our forms literally from scratch -- in computer-created personalized and individualized sets onto which the recipient records his/her choices and opinions.

VISA's Total Interface Feedback program-product is a complete turnkey system. We have minimized the work and effort required by the HR department and the participating employees with our Smart Form Processing. Following are the steps:

Whereas the descriptions and procedures reported herein specify discrete numbers and parameters for clarity, this system can - and in most cases will be - modified and customized to suit the needs of the client company

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