Having developed a technological breakthrough in database and systems architecture

VISA, Inc. Is proud to announce

Total Interface Feedback/OnLine

We Have Taken Our Optically Scanable "Paper Based" version of 360 Feedback to the Internet (& Company Intranet's)

A Full-Featured Peer & Upward Evaluation System

Now Available for Live Demo at Your Office

Don't sign on with any system until you've seen ours!

Over the last two years we have pioneered the development of a highly efficient 360 feedback system for CONRAIL'S 2,000 management employees. Ours is the first automated peer selection process. (No more employees walking down the hall passing out evaluation questionnaires!) We developed the SmartPage technology for computer-generating color laser-printed optically scannable personalized instruments. The latest innovation is the consolidated evaluation form which groups ratees by their respective behavioral/competency statements, thereby saving 65% of the paper and 60% of employee evaluator time.

Now, all of this is available to you online using the ideal medium, the internet. Where possible, employees interact directly through their Company's intranet facilities (linked directly to our internet site.) We are very excited about this extension of our system into a new world of efficiency. We hope you will take the opportunity to let us show you how it can reduce your HR budget while providing your organization with the most advanced product for employee culture development to date.

Learn why we are getting the attention of so many Fortune 500 companies!

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Total Interface Feedback/OnLine

Utilizing the most natural medium for employee interaction, the internet and/or the intranet, VISA is launching the 360 Feedback system of the 21st Century! VISA, Inc. is installing its time-proven peer, self & upward feedback technology in a user-friendly, menu-driven system which, literally, regulates itself!

The heart of Total Interface Feedback is the latent interaction of colleagues (peers,) self, boss, and subordinates - representing the full spectrum of career/job specialties. In the modern business world, business colleagues with whom one interfaces can be in the next office - or many cities away.

Total Interface Feedback/OnLine is a self-contained, autonomous system consisting of the following features: