PRODUCT: Borland Quattro Pro version 4.0 for DOS
ENVIRONMENT: MS DOS 6.20 with COUNTRY=002 in config.sys

 The next test is to steam up Quattro Pro Version 4
and try out our tdate1.wk1.

Disaster. We have to recode the format of our quoted
inputs to Year/Month/day.

RULES for QUATTRO PRO Version 4 Y2k Dates

1. Global selection in International to be YY-MM-DD.

2. Separators in dates must be '-' and not '/'

3. Dates in the range 1st January 1900 to 31st December
1999 must be coded as 'yy-mm-dd or "yy-mm-dd

4. Dates in the range 1st January 2000 thru 31st
December 2099 must be coded in the form 'yyyy-mm-dd or

5. Date display cells should be formatted "Date" , Long

We save our modified spreadsheet as tdate2.wq1
 (and a copy in Lotus form called tdate2.wk1)

Here are the Quattro Pro Version 4  modified cells

    D1: [W2] '(page down for Instructions)
    B3: 'Clean display
    D3: [W2] '|
    F3: 'Workarea
    B4: 'Data
    C4: ' leapyear?
    D4: [W2] '|
    E4: ' @datevalue
    A5: 'date >>
    B5: (D4) '2000-01-01
    C5: @IF(@MOD(@YEAR(E5),4)=0,"yes","no")
    D5: [W2] '|
    E5: @DATEVALUE(B5)
    A6: 'new
    B6: (D4) '2000-02-29
    C6: @IF(@MOD(@YEAR(E6),4)=0,"yes","no")
    D6: [W2] '|
    E6: @DATEVALUE(B6)
    A7: 'acceptable
    B7: '01/01/2000
    C7: @IF(@MOD(@YEAR(E7),4)=0,"yes","no")
    D7: [W2] '|
    E7: @DATEVALUE(B7)
    A8: 'old
    B8: '1997-01-27
    C8: @IF(@MOD(@YEAR(E8),4)=0,"yes","no")
    D8: [W2] '|
    E8: @DATEVALUE(B8)
    A9: 'new
    B9: (D4) @INT(@NOW)
    C9: @IF(@MOD(@YEAR(E9),4)=0,"yes","no")
    D9: [W2] '|
    E9: @DATEVALUE(B9)
    B11: 'split into :
    D11: [W2] '|
    E11: '@year
    F11: '@month
    G11: '@day
    A12: 'redisplay
    B12: (D4) @DATE(E12,F12,G12)
    C12: '<-(@date)
    D12: [W2] '|
    E12: @YEAR(E5)
    F12: @MONTH(E5)
    G12: @DAY(E5)
    D13: [W2] '|
    E13: 1900+E12
    A14: 'time >>
    B14: '17:23:00
    D14: [W2] '|
    E14: @TIMEVALUE(B14)
    D15: [W2] '|
    E15: '@hour
    F15: '@minute
    G15: '@second
    B16: (D8) @TIME(E16,F16,G16)
    C16: '<-(@time)
    D16: [W2] '|
    E16: @HOUR(E14)
    F16: @MINUTE(E14)
    G16: @SECOND(E14)
    D17: [W2] '|
    A18: 'Meltdown in
    B18: @DATEVALUE("2000-01-01")-@INT(@NOW)
    C18: 'days
    D18: [W2] '|
    E18: 'reworked as
    F18: @DATEVALUE("2000-01-01")-@INT(@NOW)
    A19: 'Dday - 999
    B19: (D4) @DATE(E19,F19,G19)
    C19: '<-(@date)
    D19: [W2] '|
    E19: @YEAR(H19)
    F19: @MONTH(H19)
    G19: @DAY(H19)
    H19: @DATEVALUE("2000-01-01")-999
    A20: 'Dday - 9999
    B20: (D4) @DATE(E20,F20,G20)
    C20: '<-(@date)
    D20: [W2] '|
    E20: @YEAR(H20)
    F20: @MONTH(H20)
    G20: @DAY(H20)
    H20: @DATEVALUE("2000-01-01")-9999


Although we have to change formats from Lotus 1-2-3 Quattro Pro is "Slightly more" Compatible than Lotus 1-2-3 in that it can work with YYYY-MM-DD forms So it should score an Acceptability 0, compliant.

However, it does not display dates prior to 1999 as four digits so the score drops to 4, two digit YYMMDD, acceptable. By Cinderella rules the lowest score within a program is taken as representative.

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