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Hi Chris,

Oh sure, lure me with gossip then when I bite accuse me of having a bad attitude!! Anyway, I'm happy to be part of the SIG and to get some awareness about Compuware out there.

Our website is

You can reach me at this email or our Product Manager, Colin Mayne

Compuware's philosophy on Y2K is encompassed in our Production 2000 century date solution. It's a powerful combination of products, people, and practices focused on cost savings and productivity improvements for Year 2000 conversion projects. It's a real world solution developed over 25 years of delivering quality applications and products to customers around the world.

PRODUCTS offer high-impact productivity gains in the areas of analysis, data conversion, time-dimensional testing, system and regression testing, and production support. Products like Xpediter, File-AID, Abend-AID, QAHiperstation and others are in daily use at over 9,000 customer sites around the world.

PEOPLE include over 4,000 Professional Services consultants who contribute to development and conversion projects for companies around the world. Compuware has implemented some of the industry's largest conversion projects. We customize an approach based on the results of impact analysis and the unique requirements of each customer. Once the process is established, we can provide a full range of Year 2000 services, from program conversions to testing. Since management and qualified skill sets are essential, we also provide Year 2000 project management and focused training.

PRACTICES help you create a software conversion "factory" and manage the Year 2000 project with overall planning, systems identification and evaluation, detailed impact analysis, conversion techniques, cost estimates and metrics. Compuware's own software conversion factories provide alternate resources for clients desiring to have conversions handled off site.

Our solution works across the enterprise in both mainframe and client/server environments.


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