Departments and management teams rate other departments/teams on 20-30 items of service. The management report generated indicated to each department head how their quality of service is perceived by employees in their own and in each department. The service quality items are summarized into five overall dimensions of service - Reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance, Tangibles and Empathy.

The survey form requires 32 pages of questions with a header page for respondent demographics, position, level and department. VISA professionals have devised an innovative, magnetic tape driven program to generate multiple page surveys. The scan forms are generated in sets of 17 double-sided pages, then collated and stapled. Changes in questions, response positions, etc. are easily made - composition is routine data entry vs. major printer setup procedures which can be costly.
Customer Reference - Chemical Bank Delaware


Individualized ballots for memberships with complex geographical and organizational requirements are easily met. VISA's laser printed ballots contain the member's name and address in the tear-off top portion of the ballot (which can be as large as 8 1/2" x 14"). The contests for which the member is eligible to vote are custom printed on the form. The candidates' names are evenly rotated within their respective contests to provide "equal access" to the top of the list.
Customer Reference - New Jersey Education Association
- American Cancer Society

ASSOCIATE EVALUATIONS (Law Firm or Professional Evaluations)

Partners rate the performance of the associates with whom he/she has worked for the year. VISA generates a set of personalized rating sheets for the firm's associates for each of the partners. Records are sorted and laser printed into pre-identified sets for optimum distribution. The associate number and partner number are "litho-coded" into the form for positive identification. After scanning the completed sheets, VISA generates a complete set of evaluation reports and graphs. Typical turnaround time is one or two days.
Customer Reference - Ballard Spahr Andrews and Ingersoll


Composition and laser printing of single sheet course evaluation forms can generated rapidly. As an example, VISA specialists generated 500 evaluations in four days then scanned and cross tabulated the results in a few days of receipt of the returned rating sheets. This project using traditional printing technology would have ben cost prohibitive.
Customer Reference - CEI, Inc.


VISA generates for each employee a personalized, optically Scannable form that reflects their current benefits options. The form is encoded with a serial number and bar code to allow both scanner and data entry personnel to match the form with a particular employee record. Any of the dependents covered by the employee's current benefit options are also pre-printed on the firm. The system prints only the options that are applicable to that individual. Once the form is returned and processed by VISA, the employee receives a confirmation statement for verification.
Customer Reference - Meridia Health Systems Inc.


One-page self-mailers are generated, tri-folded and mailed. Orders can be sorted via geographic territory, etc. Existing customer order history is easily included on the order form if required. Changing either existing standing orders or updating new orders is accommodated and customer data records are updated upon scanning.
Customer Reference - Bell Atlantic

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