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At 11:57 AM 2/28/97 -0600, you wrote:
>I've got a video project thats about 20 minutes long. And i think it >could use a little promotion. Based in St. Louis Lividson productions >produces high quality video shorts. Lividson also records live music >videos with on the spot editing. I've gotten this email list for over a >year and have sent you guys video stuff before but i need a new address >to send our newer stuf to.
>interested in any video \ music production you can send our way. >we also have a couple of bands that would love promotion. >
>give me the scoop
>rollo bob
>washington university
>st louis mo

sure... we mizzed ya... in fact, your footage of the "fire stuph" is part of a new internet release: info-combustible (see

and it is hot... people are pulling it down round the clock

sure... we would love to promote... you wouldn't mind if we sliced and diced some scenes for new experiments?

snailmail to:

and sure... send any interested bands our way... would love to have... any friend of yours is a friend of ours

so they have email addresses, or would you be the go between?