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Special Of The Moment
Try Me?

ok... attached to this email is telnet.exe

you should put it in its own directory and make a shortcut to it for on your desktop

while connected to your ISP, fire it up

you should get a little box that pops up


at the laoggin prompt, enter doc then
your password

once logged in, immediately type in

that will tell your computer and our computer to make your screen work

then you can do many things... including "talk"

if you do a "w" at the prompt you can see who is logged in... like psehelp

then you can type
talk psehelp

your screen will split in half, and you will see the computer trying to connect with me

if i am around, we can start typing to each other

however; if i am busy and can not talk back, you will need to hit control and the letter "c" at the same time to break out of it

give her a shot?