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Special Of The Moment
Try Me?

I'd like to take a moment to thank are volunteers... and ask for more help

much of what rombox is based on is the research and development of the membrane domain and glistening flicks multi media production

people like Willie, honey, Captain, Bob, sidd, wally and others have been donating their time and creativity for quite some time without getting paid

we hope to be able to change that soon

here are some things we are doing to help us stay ahead of the pack (did you know the only site that compares to the magnitude of rombox is Disney?):

  1. building alliances with large publishing companies
  2. building alliances with cable companies
  3. building web sites that are the first of their kind
  4. getting interviewed by various writers and promo types
  5. working with old-time big names to promote the site (stay tuned for carl gardner does marylin monroe)
  6. running a unique advertising management system before anyone else (the same software that is going to be used by the new york times and the washington post)
  7. putting gigabytes of multi media onto the Internet

in fact, we put another 550 megabytes up yesterday... included is a new full length video called infocombustible

you can visit for all the details

if it is nearly as successful as "the ride", we will declare a day of festivities

(for any new comers, the ride is the most popular video download on the internet and can be seen at

We could certainly use everybody's help to keep the momentum going

following are some of the multimedia pieces we need:

  1. a clip of the " crying Indian" from the late '60s/ early '70s pollution commercial
  2. footage of lightning
  3. clowns that look crazed
  4. trains
  5. clocks or anything to do with time

thanx to all

ps please welcome elmer to the fun -