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Special Of The Moment
Try Me?

cool, glad ya like it.
i'm always still critical of everything, i still need to at least trim-up the fade out on the labyrinth, and get a hardrive that doesn't glitch every then and again. jim is still gonna give me another castle sequence that will replace 4 sec of part of the old black guy at the end. and we'll wrap this up, crank out a third video and have a nice little three full length video sampler cookin'!!! i still would like to clean up 'the ride' and get that on there, and then get some labels printed up for the four video sampler vhs. there are still those that havn't figured out that the internet is there.

my day job may be sending me to miami for a month or two, the down side is that i'll be away from my machine. the up-side is that rumor has it i'll have a laptop, perhaps i can reorganize and update our website, we need to have a clear and consise way to select from the four videos we will have released.

thanks for all your effort.
merry christmas.


>Tim -
>Got the Video, It's really the first I've seen of our handy work and the way >you put it together it was great !. When I get some time I'll get the missing >clip out to you soon.