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Special Of The Moment
Try Me?

it would like to see what you look like so we could better cast you.
could you mail a photo to:

attn: timothy brouse
glistening flicks
1740 bonita avenue
orlando, fl 32805

(if you don't have a digital file, ie: jpg or tif)

after exploring the web site
do you have any suggestions for a role you might like to play??


>yes I know some people who would like to do this. and I can get access to a >camara and maybe some lighting stuff. I don't know what eles they have but >if you let me know what I need I think i can get it.. >for some love is just a word..but for others it is the pass word into their >heart.
>the only true tragedy in life, is losing one's meaning in life, or.....never >finding it in the first place.
ps: fix this -----------------v
>check out the homepage: http:\\ "T" is a captial)

it should be frontslash