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>Subject: Re: Still Here
>Cc: psehelp
>yo willie,
>i've been pumping out the material,
>using up what you had already provided >(ie.: 'the missing segment' and the 'skull') >since that vhs i sent you i've edited up 3 more songs. >i'll make movies to print to vhs,
>and get out an updated tape to you in the coming weeks. >
>the skull footage came out fantastic in the song >"infocombustable"
>i also used the sound you sent with that. >but i did notice a high pitch buzz,
>is that on the master or did it develop in the translation? >
>we'll do some brainstorming over the weekend >to decide what the next song will be,
>and dream up a new animation project for ya. >i was considering the song "hypnotic trance", >which would be great for some hypnotic animation, >but it might be a little lengthy.
>ahhh, what the hell, we could always use some hypnotic animation. >
>let us know when your ready to start getting a web site together >for your adventure planner.
>>Tim -
>>Sorry I've not been with it here lately, been working a lot on my adventure >>planner. It's close to being finished, with over 600 M of movies and slides >>of rivers and climbs here in the Southwest. Last night I was watching the >>tape of our work that you had sent, and was thinking I should drop you a >>line. Let me know if you need anything ! >>
>>Take Care !