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At 02:32 PM 2/5/97 -0800, you wrote:
>the membrane domain wrote:
>> >Ziff Davis just collaborated in the opening of China's >> >first governmentally-sanctioned web site at............ >> >
>> >
>> >Remember the gospel according to Monsignor Richard Prior? >> >That's a billion, count 'em, a billion plus market, which >> >happens to be nutso about music. Note that one the first >> >well-publicized commercial vehicles for opening the doors >> >over there was the installation of a couple Planet Hollywood >> >type clubs, followed with pc's and fashion runways. Textiles >> >have been an ongoing bugaboo, but music penetrates even the >> >harshest hearts (politics).
>> this might be a good area for you?
>yeah, see previous send:

>1      rombox do a chinese joint venture with ZD ?
>       dang... i like that more every time i think about it

who b da zd?

>> ok... i think we need to get a reason for ws to want to join us? >
>shit... that's easy (fer me, ennyway): he needs a more >efficient music revenue-to-effort generator now he's in his >sixties.

this will come after the next part

>he's also interested in being an ambassador of peace >(cross cultural stuff) and would probably respond well to >solicitations of his theosophy. i.e., where's music headed? >where's the world headed? what's his advice to young'n's? >what's his position on the treatment afforded musicians by >the music industry? (membrane already has an area devoted >to the latter issue) pitch the program.

this is the right place to start... we need a method for him to get me (lets see if u can guess?)... orginaized text to start webbing

>> i'm up for a face to face... i could do tomm or fri but will >> be tied up all next week
>friday's good: send time & address earliest if this'll >work fer you.

you can come to ft. washington?