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At 01:59 PM 1/17/96 +0100, you wrote:
> My name is Pierre Gerard. The reason why I write to you >today is this: I belong to a Belgian university radio. This is a >great experience, but the problem is that we do not have a lot of >money, and so we cannot afford to buy everything we would like to. > So, I wonder whether your company could help us by sending >us promotionnal copies of cd's : your catalogue of artists seems to >be very interesting. And we will be pleased to broadcast and promote >them.
> Hoping to get a positive answer, I thank you for giving >attention to this request.
>Have a happy & fruitful year.
>Best regards,
>P.S.: Here is the address, if you agree to send some free copies

>               PIERRE GERARD
>               RUE DES CERISIERS, 51
>               B-6741 ETALLE
>               BELGIUM

sure... we'd be happy to send out some tunes