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>I am new to the "Viewer" world. I have a question on AVIs and MOVs. >
>I have Macintosh, non-power, a Performa 577. I have seen MOVs, and AVIs. I >asked one web-pager why the MOVs would not work on my Mac. I quicktime 2.5, >and find that some will work and not all. Is there a difference between IBM >MOVs, and Mac MOVs?

when willie, my mac man, makes me a mov for my pc (ibm style) he saves it as a pc type mov. however, willie can run any mov i output from my pc

>Is it possible to run AVIs on a Mac? Do I need a special program to do so?

as far as i know, it can't be done.
that is why we have avi's and mov's at our web site.

> Currently I am with AOL and have not seen a preference, so set up with my >Browser, American On Line World Wide Web Browser version 1.1. >

be aware that the web you see at aol is not the true internet. they download portions of the WWW to their server. they don't let you see the whole web (at least not the last time i checked). additionally, different browsers see pages differently. our site (like most) is designed for the netscape navigator. it is possible that you are only seeing half of the picture, if your viewing at aol with their browser.

>As I stated before I am a Novice when it comes to this topic, but I hope that >these questions are not too obscure. Thanks a lot for your time. >

no problem

>Sincerely yours,