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At 07:51 PM 1/13/97 -0800, you wrote:
>I am planning on updating my web site, is there any way that I can >switch off of the "I'll ftp it and you'll post it" fix to a direct FTP >access setup? That way I can upgrade the site and not bother you guys.

under /home/oak/ create a directory called public_html

put small stuph in there (like html) and it can be viewed instantaneously at

still best to let me know about large files so we can burn em to rom

>What are you guys looking for as far as help right now? (I stopped >getting the think tank mail.) I have been away for a while, but I am >back now.

really... i've been sending it to ya, i thought.... will put you back on the list

>My friend Bob owns VECTOR consultants (temp name untill he makes sure he >won't be sued for using it.) You should hear from him soon about the >think tank. I mentioned you guys and he wants to sign up the whole >business. (Internet consulting. You screw up the site, he and his boys >fix it.) You should hear from him in a few days.


>Can your servers handle domain name registration? I know of anouther >friend of mine looking to purchase web space, but he wants direct FTP, >CGI access, and domain name registration. He'll go up to about thirty >bucks a month (aside from the cost of domain registration) If that will >do, let me know and I'll have him get in contact.

we can work that out


c ya