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the membrane domain wrote:
> ah ha... you are alive
> >*** Piracy attacks up worldwide
> oh, i like pirate stories

they're ("pirate stories") getting more popular among the families of some 250,000 kidnapped children each year, too; as well as among the recipients of the land-mine detection gear we delivered to a couple nation-states in which prosthesis manufacturing for children is a national preoccupation.

> >Re: Rombox
> >
> >Take a look at > >Its right up yer alley, but a little further along than > >Rombox.
> hmmm... you thought they were further along? i couldn't hear a > thing there. then they crashed my browser. it also didn't look > like they owned any of the content. we've been avoiding > proprietary software for streaming audio and instead are forming > alliances with cable companies

Sorry fer the baited send, but now that i got yer attention - i'm thinkin the only difference between a low grade, high profile bullshitter (that would be liquid audio) and an efficascious kick ass site/service (that would be rombox) is good PR for the latter. The best seldom know how, or are disinclined, to do a decent self-promotion job. Said another way, without good (read deviously brilliant) PR, yer just another undiscovered genious.

liquid audio got a major write-up in wired magazine, with alot of pseudo-hype about its bleeding edge qualities. my suggestion is to read the article ( , 2/97, #5.02, use the site's search function to find and read it) then write to wired's letters to the editor ( ) about the matter: self promotion cloaked with properly indiscreet educational info. it'll get some attention from wired and the public yer after, and the spirit of rombox is a good match with wired's killer *global* audience. you may even get an interview/article out of it.

> we've also just been told that the only other multi media site > that compares in magnitude to ours is disney's

again, other than the folks that told you this, who else knows about it among the buying/contributing public?

> so, what would you have us do to rombox to bring it up to par?

a good PR program

> >Hope the seance with weather report's "first" bass player > >went well: that's the only way you coulda reached him. > >You prolly didn't really mean to say the "first", but > >likely intended to refer to a subsequent one with a > >'difficult to pronounce' name <g>.
> yeah... this was someone elses gig... i don't think they > have been successful yet

i guess the original question was, why go indirect instead of following up with another letter to him yourself?

> anyhoo, what are we to do with you?

i got some thoughts about that. wanna kick 'em around?