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Try Me?

give me an email when you are set up in minneapolis. at that time we will establish an ftp acount for you.

did you get the email pertaining to the samples you sent?


>I am getting ready to move to Mineapolis at the end of December. I will >also be changing my internet provider at that time. I will be closing >this account in about a week. If you need to get in touch with me after >this time you can call 504-367-1809 or 504-347-3849, they will know how >to reach me just ask howe to get in touch with David Jr. >thats me! :). I have your e-mail address on file and unless I hear from >you before I will contact you via e-mail as soon as I have my new >connection.
>Hope to work with you soon!
>David Breaux