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email from a new rombox band, surveyor

At 09:02 PM 2/27/97 -0800, you wrote:
>Thanks for the response, we would be interested, however, can you give >us more details. Thanks, Robert/ SURVEYOR.

we are a cooperative of musicians, artists, videonaughts, and such

we are prepared to offer you a slot at perhaps
for your address? there could also be an email address like this could forward to your current email address (so, that you still collect all that mail, too, but have a more appealin' one as well)

also, we can include some of your music on promo tapes/cds. at the moment this includes: experiments with mix mode cdroms, audio cd's, and tapes that are sent to "industry" types for radio play and reviews. we also promote the music through contests (see

some of our bands are chosen for internet multimedia productions. the number one download on the 'net was created by our multimedia team (see

the primary benefit of rombox is - getting ready for the future. we've 10 cdrom players on the 'net right now. they are being filled with music and video. the bandwidth isn't available to the average joe today, but tomorrow will be different... and when the consumer has the ability to download music with ease, where do you think they will get their tunes?

and it is already starting... the logs from the last 10 days of downloads for just 4 of the cdrom players was 64 pages long

right now we are giving the music away for free, however; our business model includes revenues from advertising and from "pay per download"

so, if any of this sounds interesting, just say so?