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> = Steve
>last = Rossi
>email =
>street =
>city =
>state =
>zip =
>phone = 615-826-1471
>good time to call = 24 hrs
>world = I am a professional, independent music composer/producer >specializing in music for TV, Film, Multimedia and various libraries. Does >your company use outside composers? If so what are your policies and who do >a speak with to discuss this further?
>Steve Rossi
>Media Productions


our project is a cooperative. Therefore, most of our work is produced in-house.
however, that doesn't mean that you couldn't become a part of our project. your production work would still be done at your location. let me know if you are interested, or if you have any questions.

i would be interested in hearing demo material. if you intend on sending digital files, please check with me prior to attaching wav files to email. we try to do as much work and communication through the net as practical.

tapes or cd's could be snailmailed to:

glistening flicks
1740 bonita ave
orlando, fl 32805