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FTP (file transfer protocal) Walk Through

email conversation on setting up ftp

now as for ftp/telnet... do you have either pieces of software?

nope: no stand alone packages. just whatever i can get netscape to do fer me - which ain't much.

what do you use to dial your modem? winsock? win95 dialer?

win 95 dialer via my walrus ISP

lead on.

do you know how to unzip a zip file?

no: i'd have to download pkunzip or the like first. i'll do that right after i send this. fer evrything else, i'd be startin from scratch.

created an ftp folder w/icon

downloaded trumpet3zip to my "C:\program files"

dragged and dropped trumpet to the ftp folder

fine n' dandy

downloaded pkunzip to my "C:\program files"

dragged pkunzip to the ftp folder

"the system has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down"

crash, thud.

restarted the system, found the pkunzip file where i downloaded it (program files)

dragged and dropped it again into the ftp folder IN A VERY GENTLE FASHION


next up...

when you are able to fire-up ftp, you will get a screen that is split in half (up and down)

the left is your computer
the right is the host computer (ours)

you need to enter the host name as your username is doc
do you remember your password?

then click on save password checkbox and then click "save" under the profile name (then you won't need to configure it each time)

then click ok... and see if you connect?

there is a little progress screen that runs near the bottom... watch and scroll through to see any errors

if you connect you should see /hda2/home/doc show up under remote host

i point-and-click exe'd the trumpet

win95 told me it couldn't read the session, then

it kicked me to a win95 pre-fab pkg called "hyperterminal"

okay: i'll play along

i put settings to connect me to the walrus server

it did

then i got circuitiously to walrus' ftp node

then i typed in the

then doc

put in the password

then i got a pulsing cursor at an ftp> prompt

no split screen

no nuthin, just a prompt and a blank screen

also tried gettin in via netscape browser by typing

that got me a denial (sniff)

color me duh.

jus a review of what didn't work

        1       the defaulted win95 hyperterminal
        2       the netscape browser 
                i know:  the settings are laid in fer
                walrus, not membrane

so i downloaded a temp copy of Win Net Tel/FTP and goosed it

got in

got the directory, and some files listed

tried to open the files

said they weren't appl related

viewed the files

their a bunch o' non text stuff

but i was a good boy: i didn't try to mess wif enny of 'em

now what, teacher-samma?

i mean, besides slow down on my coffee intake.

hmmm... you were logged into walrus with your win95 dialer and then fired up the ftp and it went wacky?

just got a screen that looked exactly like this:


got a prompt that needed another info kick to go further.

here's a cutted and pasted transcript of my walrus ftp encounter... just in case it helps to see what i was doin.

Annex Command Line Interpreter * Copyright (C) 1988, 1996 Xylogics, Inc.

Checking authorization, Please wait...
Annex username: doc
Annex password:

Permission granted
Welcome to Intellitech Walrus(tm)

  1. Connect to Walrus
  2. PPP
  3. SLIP
  4. Disconnect Enter Selection:

    1 Last login: Thu Mar 6 20:13:59 from intellitech-ts1. Sun Microsystems Inc. SunOS 5.5.1 Generic May 1996

what are you using for ftp that shows a split screen?

i'm using ws_ftp ... and that might make your life easier

i can move over a 16bit version and let ya try that?

just downloaded the 32 bit, which is auto-mandatory for win 95. gotta do the settings: host, remote host, local pc etc.

when you do loggin, you can change directories on the right one of two ways... clicking on the directory name (in the upper right quarter) or click on the chgdir and type in so it reads /hda2/home/doc/public_html/gawk

then highlight the file in the lower right corner and highlight (don't double click or you will send it to your computer)

after highlighted you can click on "rename" and rename it