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Special Of The Moment
Try Me?

the Rollo is Back with an extraordinary film short.

  1. Where does Rollo send this wonderful footage for all of membrane's domain to view?
  2. How can Rollo get his films/film expertise promoted in the membrane domain?
  3. How can Rollo get his Band 'Axet' complete with Lividson/Rollo House Produced music video promoted on membrane?
  4. How can Rollo help with the current productions at membrane's domain?

It is great to be back in bidness.
We are finally centrally located together in St. Louis @ Washington University, (Wash U. T.V.); Webster University, (Film/Art School); and Lindenwood College, (KCLC 89.1 Radio).

We are taking over the media departments of every school in which we have representatives enrolled.

Rollo Staying in Touch