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Special Of The Moment
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doc's been buzzzzy:

headed (security and technical logistics) two day "documentation" outing in the Northeastern United States after local and regional radar telemetry
picked up some anomalous aerial and ground based phenomena for several days/nights.

theodolite cameras (stills & vids), ultra-sensitive magnetometers, etc. "it" put on quite a show. i was able to slip away with a couple 35 mm shots of "it" when it was hovering above ground about 200 meters out from the tech-post, and again when it shot off at (theodolite measured) 7,000+ mph ground speed. took some other "instinct" shots which picked up some interesting photographic effects despite nothing visible to the naked eye.

also saw two ground based "organic" phenomena that caused one fella in the group to lose control of his bodily functions <chuckle>.

not bad fer a change o' pace.