March 1, 1997

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Try Me? (A work in progress)

After having watched a neighbor's house, and

mentioning I could use some extra cash, my neighbor and his secretary, Rosemary, agreed that I could come to the office and help with some extra work they had at the law firm.

I'm at the office in a LARGE room where three or four women are working at their desks. I'm wearing a beautiful, flattering, chic suit, and sitting in a typical office chair on rollers. I'm also looking particularly good, my hair and makeup well done.

There's a big case being worked on, with an upcoming, important, all-firm meeting in the afternoon.

There's a slight lull in the work, so I roll over in front of Rosemary's desk to chat, my back to the large, double, wooden doors.

All of a sudden, the door bursts open, and before I know it, I'm thrown to the floor, face down, the attacker sitting on top of me. In a swift motion, the back of my suit is slit open, and as a small bomb is taped to my back, the attacker yells to everyone to stay back and get ready to cooperate. With my head on the floor, eyes closed, I open them to see seven or eight men standing between me and the women at their desks.

With unbelievable force, I am lifted up off of my stomach to my feet. I don't know their agenda (and never did find out why they came to the office -- maybe they have some tie to the "big case".)

The next thing I know I am at a small airport and realize I am being taken to the Middle East. I have not yet seen the face of the man who had me pinned down.

The next scene I realize I am in a large compound, the buildings modern, yet rustic. All of them (house, gymnasium, outbuildings, etc.) are beautifully designed, set on a hill with no visible civilization close by.

The next scene I am walking into a LARGE foyer where a man extends his arm for me to take. This is when I am first aware that this is the man who put the bomb on my back, which I am still wearing under my clothes.

I am wearing a great outfit which was given to me to wear. It is a summer outfit printed with small flowers. The shape of the top and pants is breezy and flowing. The top is sleeveless and is cut in towards my shoulders. The pants look more like a long skirt.

Knowing that not only am I his captive but that we are also in the Middle East, I am quite aware that I need to keep my eyes down, my voice down, and must do my best to not speak unless spoken to first.

He leans over and whispers that my outfit is fine for now, but that I will have to dress differently for the other upcoming occasions. I reply quietly, "Yes, sir." He says, "You must speak MORE quietly."

This is also the time I first become aware of his physical strength when I take his arm, yet I am not terribly afraid. I also realize as we walk into a "great" room that I am to act as his wife.

The "great" room is HUGE, the outside wall of the room is all windows, the sun filling the room with light. There is a large fireplace opposite of the double wooden doors from where we entered. The seating area is sunken a foot or so below the entrance level.

A few people are in the seating area, and it seems a meeting is to take place between my captor and a few others.

My captor leaves the room with them. I know I have nowhere to go as not only the bomb still in place on my body, but some of my captor's bodyguards are in the room.

A woman who seems to be a servant is standing near me, and motions to me to come to her. I look around the room to see who is watching. I shake my head, afraid to move or acknowledge her.

I realize she is listening to something and somehow know she is listening to the meeting conversation. This make's me think she could be a possible ally, so I subtly head her way, afraid to get to close, but also afraid to miss what she may have to tell me.

She lets me know that the U. S. government is aware of the situation and will try to help me. I let her know that I have a bomb attached to my body. She says to me, quietly, that she has seen a bomb like the one on my back blow the side of a building off. My mind then pictures my body in small, undistinguishable pieces.

I'm also overhearing part of the conversation, not understanding the language spoken, but clearly aware that the conversation has become heated. I briefly fear for my captor, not because I care about him, but for the sense that -- at this point in time -- he is my best chance for protection.

We all realize they are returning to the room, so I move away from this woman. My captor comes back to my side.

The next scene I am aware of is later that evening. The bomb still attached to my body, I enter the large foyer again to meet my captor. I am wearing a stunning gown, and, for the first time, actually "see" my captor and realize that he is quite handsome.

We enter the ballroom, my feelings quite mixed, knowing the precarious situation I have found myself in, yet feeling beautiful and strangely proud entering a room with such a handsome man.

As we stand to the side in the same "great" room we had been in earlier, my captor looks into my eyes and speaks to me of my beauty, informing me that I was not taken at random as I had originally thought. I find myself gazing at him, sensing a power he is gaining over me, not of fear, but intrigue. The feeling overcame me of what it might be like if he was not a dangerous man.

My captor leaves my side, and I know that it will not be for long.

I dare to briefly glance around the room, and notice the guests seem to be representatives from around the globe. My eyes are caught by a handsome, young man across the room. He is sitting at a table with others and is wearing what I believe to be some type of U. S. military uniform.

He smiles at me, and startled back to the reality of the situation, I quickly avert my eyes downward so not to encourage the man.

More quickly than I could have imagined, the man has risen and approaches to introduce himself to me with his hand outstretched.

At the same moment the stranger reaches me, so does my captor. My fear for both myself and the stranger keeps me from acknowledging the stranger as he tells me his name.

My lack of attention perplexes the stranger, and his confidence falters as he looks at my captor and explains he was only looking for an introduction, expecting my captor to tell him my name.

My captor responds that as the stranger has already told me his name, the introduction is over.

As the stranger returns to the other side of the room, my captor gently takes my arm, leading me toward the front of the room near the door.

As we walk, I softly ask him what will happen to the stranger, not daring to look at him for the answer. My captor responds that the stranger will not make it through the night.

We are still walking, his hand still guiding me through the guests, and my voice can no longer stay in my throat. My heart and conscience, overcoming my fear, force me to speak back and tell him if that is what is to happen to the stranger, or anyone else, to keep that information to himself. I do not want to know about it.

He does not respond, but I sense no anger from him, and feel that at some place in his soul he understands what I am saying and accepts it.

As we approach the area near the door, he again leaves my side, and I am left to look at the designer clothes that are displayed there. Again, knowing that I will not be left alone long by my captor, I merely scan the clothes, seeing many outfits I would like to have as my own.

I walk past a rack of wedding dresses, not looking too closely but noticing some beautiful ones.

My captor is suddenly back by my side and I turn, noticing that some of the wedding dresses have fallen to the floor. A woman, who I assume to be the person responsible for the clothes, is placing the wedding dresses back on the rack. I suddenly fear for her safety, hoping that her fate will not be the same as the stranger's, particularly since I think I may have been the cause of the fallen dresses.

My captor leads me from the room into a glassed-in room across from the "great" room entrance and again leaves me. A few beautiful gowns are laid out on the floor. I look at the gowns and realize that they are all to be mine. Looking behind me, I see a few women, probably people who work for my captor, and I sense a soft envy and admiration from them for the position I now hold.

I myself am awed -- by the dresses, by my handsome, powerful, and yes, scary captor -- having been brought into a life, minus the danger, would seem like a Cinderella story.

My captor returns and escorts me from the glassed-in room, through the "great" room, and into an elevator. We are alone, and suddenly the elevator moves, not as expected, but the floor and ceiling separate. A discreetly hidden button built into the woodwork is revealed behind where the elevator wall should have been.

I push the button and the elevator drops at an unbelievable speed, stopping when it reaches what seems to be a vault.

My captor urges me into the room and shows me what I am to do. We begin removing floor panels through intricately-laid panels on the floor which disguise their removability. What is revealed beneath the floor are silver, dome-shaped canisters which, when opened, hold four large tubes containing a greenish-yellow fluorescent liquid. We remove them and place them into other containers for transport.

My captor leaves me to finish the job at hand. When I am done, my captor's guards arrive to lead me back above, and I am led out into a plaza area where the sun is now shining. This area seems to be on the opposite side from where I had previously viewed the compound. This side is a beautiful, large terrazzo overlooking the ocean.

My captor, not able to see me from his position, comes running over and looks to be pulling a gun from beneath his jacket, when he suddenly realizes that I AM standing there, and he quickly walks to my side. I whisper into his ear that everything is taken care of.

He walks away and begins addressing the guests, announcing that they will now be transported to their respective "sponsors" and that we will all meet up later. I assume that these guests have all been brought together to bid on the substance in the tubes.

The last thing I remember is being in a room, seemingly an anteroom to a "royal" bedchamber. I am waiting on a couch, a few other women who I assume to be servants at the other side of the room. I believe that they have prepared both my and my captor's travel needs.

I look up to see my captor entering the room. He has come to prepare himself for our voyage. As he walks down the wide, fairly short hallway, he disrobes, dropping his clothes as they are removed. I am stunned to see him in all his glory for the first time, suddenly realizing that he is one of the MOST beautiful men I have ever seen.


Caroline J. Satterfield